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Powered by Dan James, ICFECI is your first and last stop for expert investigative assistance in the current context where digital evidence dominates the legal scenario.

Dan James, Certified Fraud Examiner, has excellent credentials backed by a firm commitment to help defendants put up a solid fight with the help of finely analyzed forensic evidence, proofs and expert investigative work in support of your case. If you find yourself in an impossible situation, Dan and ICFECI can make the difference between light and darkness in your life.

ICFECI is a specialist, pro-defendant organization with expertise in computer forensic investigations, cell phone forensic investigations and putting together rock solid, unimpeachable evidence that can help get you freedom, the most precious commodity.


Dan James, CFE, LCE was the former Chief Investigator, Computer Forensic Examiner, and Certified Fraud Examiner for the Office of the Federal Public Defender, Northern District of Texas.

Founder of Institute of Computer Forensic Examinations and Criminal Investigations – Licensed Private Investigator (2013).

United States Marine Corps (1966-1970), Vietnam vet (1967-1968). Investigator/Chief Investigator/Computer Forensic Examiner – Office of the Federal Public Defender (2001 – 2013).

Resource to the Criminal Justice Act Panel regarding complex and complicated cases. Additionally, gave CLE and other presentations to the CJA Panel.

Absorption Spectroscopy, Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, Drug Analysis, Gunshot Residue, and Physiological Fluids (excluding blood). (1970 – 1973).

Dan James

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Investigation Statistics

  • White Collar Crimes
  • Sexual Exploitation of a Minor
  • Capital Murder
  • Other Offenses

Great things people are saying about us

  • I am a trial attorney at the Federal Public Defender’s Office in Dallas. Before Dan James
    resigned from the office to protest the budget cuts imposed upon us, he was the office’s Chief Investigator. I worked with Dan on cases for nearly eight years. From that experience, I am able to say that Dan is a tireless, thorough, and knowledgeable investigator. Whether it was a drug trafficking case or a cyber-crime case, Dan did a top-notch investigation. Every single time.

    Dan can find witnesses and persuade them to talk about the facts of the case. He can double and triple check the government’s computer evidence. If there is evidence to attack the government’s case or present an alternate theory, then Dan will find it.

    Because of Dan’s help, I have former clients walking around today as free men instead of serving the decades—long prison sentences that the federal prosecutors and law enforcement agents wanted them to do.

    John M. Nicholson, Federal Public Defender
  • My name is Kimberlee Gray, I am an Investigator for the office of the Federal Public Defender, southern District Ohio. About one year ago, I was tasked with getting our office setup to conduct computer forensic exams. Dan James was instrumental with helping our office. Dan provided invaluable assistance on what equipment to buy and most importantly he provided me with hands on training. I spent a week with Dan and he instructed me on how to operate my computer forensic equipment and how to utilize my AccessData’s Forensic Toolkit software. After training with Dan, I was able to come back to my district and immediately start conducting forensic exams. To date, I have conducted over 15 computer forensic exams. Honestly, our office would not be conducting computer forensic exams without the assistance of Dan. He is truly an amazing resource.

    Kimberlee M. Gray, Investigator, CFE Office of the Federal Public Defender
  • Dan is a true professional in a challenging field that requires his detail-oriented dedication to find the correct answer. He is one of the rare investigators who is educated ( not just trained ) on and understands the science behind digital investigations. He is a pleasure to work with and learn from.

    Zoltan Szabo, Digital Forensics and Information Assurance Program Coordinator/Faculty at Richland College
  • Dan is a dogged, determined, detail oriented excellent investigator.

    Peter Fleury, AFPD at Federal Public Defender
  • I first met Dan James shortly before I became the Federal Public Defender for the Northern District of Texas. Prior to that appointment I had practiced Federal White Collar defense for 33 years. I have in the past used many excellent investigators…former FBI, IRS, and CIA agents that had outstanding credentials. However, it wasn’t until I worked with Dan that I realized what a dogged and complete investigator could mean in getting results for a client. Dan’s background and demeanor allows him to locate and interview witnesses and get them to open up and tell their story. He verifies the facts of the story so the attorney is not surprised at trial. His computer forensic expertise coupled with his knowledge of the law involved in the case makes him an integral part of the Defense team. If you hire him, I believe you will come to trust his judgement in developing case strategy as I did.

    Richard A. Anderson, Of Counsel Burleson, Pate & Gibson