4 Computer Forensics Myths Debunked

Many people picture computer forensics as depicted in crime shows on TV – cases are solved in a single episode, poor-quality pictures and videos are magically enhanced to catch criminals, and investigators solve complex cases with a single strand of hair or fingerprint. Unfortunately, none of these is factual.

Let’s address some of these myths and misconceptions in the real world of digital forensics.

1. Computer forensics is only about computers

Although digital forensics was limited to computers in the 1980s, this isn’t the case today. With advancements in technology, computing has evolved to include a plethora of devices and hyper-connected networks, from automobiles and personal devices to IoT sensors, GPS units, and cell phones.

  1. Digital forensics is only used in high profile cases or divorces

It’s no secret investigators use computer forensics in high-profile criminal cases such as terrorism and child pornography or infidelity cases. However, just about any case can benefit from digital forensics.

Whether your business has experienced a data breach or you’re facing extortion and harassment, you can hire a computer forensics analyst in Texas to solve your case.

3. Gathering data is a quick, painless process

Several factors affect how long it takes to obtain information during a forensics analysis, including access to the device and the search parameters and tools used. And, depending on the type of case, an investigation can take anywhere between a few days to several months.

So, even by following a detailed process and using the right strategies, gathering information takes a lot of time, effort, and skills.

  1. Computer forensics analysts break rules

Pop culture and TV shows portray digital forensics investigators as individuals who can bend/break the rules and get away with them. But, they have to comply with relevant rules and laws to ensure a successful investigation.

For example, an analyst can’t simply access any device and peek through data files without permission.

The bottom line

In today’s technological era, cybercrimes are quite common, making digital forensics essential for any business or individual. If you need a computer forensics analyst in Dallas or a computer forensics analyst in Fort Worth today, reach out to us. We can help with any digital forensics exam or case.