4 tools every investigator needs

With so much mental work to be done, it’s easy for investigators to forget the practical tools at their disposal. It’s no secret that offering investigative services demands a lot of knowledge, critical thinking and strategy, but there is also a range of physical equipment that could help your case.

  1. Cameras

Cameras are everywhere nowadays. Almost everyone now has a smartphone with an in-built camera or two (or three!), so taking photos and videos has never been easier. Add to that the rise in CCTV in public areas and it’s virtually impossible to go anywhere without photographic evidence.

That being said, you can’t always rely on other people’s footage. Tapes are often low quality or simply erased entirely – that is if they ever even existed, as a lot of establishments don’t have functioning cameras. Video cameras are an indispensable part of an investigator’s surveillance toolkit, allowing you to capture evidence you need to win your case. Take matters into your own hands by investing in a good quality CCD camera with high-res C mount.

  1. Modems

In a fast-paced, demanding job, the last thing you need is slow internet. Almost everything is done virtually these days, which means you will fall behind if you can’t get online fast.

With a high-bandwidth, wireless modem, you’ll be guaranteed maximum coverage and lightning-fast performance. As well as impressive speed, you’ll also enjoy easy installation, a built-in, commercial-grade firewall and powerful wireless access.

  1. Phones

People are glued to their phones more and more every day, and for good reason. There is almost nothing these small and mighty machines can’t do – from checking your banking or sending an email, to shopping online and tracking your steps, there’s so many ways to use your phone.

A prepaid phone with good quality cameras and WiFi-calling is the perfect option for a busy investigator. Ideal for your everyday professional and personal needs, this phone will ensure you can get everything done in a few easy clicks.

  1. Hard Drive Data Erasers

Protecting your data is one of the most important parts of being an investigator. You are privy to an enormous amount of information which, in the wrong hands, can have dire consequences. Making sure this doesn’t happen is one of the fundamentals of your job, so you must take this responsibility seriously.

Investing in a data eraser is essential if you want to ensure that information cannot be stolen from under you. A Drive eRazer tool is a must-buy to secure your data and protect your clients.