5 ways your cell phone can exonerate you

Our cell phones store an incredible amount of data. Nowadays we don’t even realize just how much information is contained in these devices, but it could be the difference between our freedom and our conviction. If you’ve been accused of a crime, cell phone data can help prove your innocence. Even if your device has been damaged, water logged or burnt, ICFECI can retrieve information that could be vital to your case.

  1. Messages

No matter who you are or where you’re from, the likelihood is that you use your phone to message people on a regular basis. Whether that is through traditional SMS texts, WhatsApp or social media, most people use their cell to communicate every day. These messages can be very useful in a court of law. Let’s say for instance that you’re being accused of sleeping with an underage girl. The plaintiff might suggest that you were fully aware of her age as she had already told you. If you have a message where the girl claimed to be 18 or over, you have evidence to refute this.

  1. Photos and videos

One of the great benefits of cell phones is the fact we can take photos and videos with such ease and speed. This media can also serve to provide evidence of your location, who you were with and what time you were there. If you were accused of something you didn’t do but had video evidence of the perpetrator committing the crime, this would be the perfect way to prove your innocence.

  1. Call logs

In certain cases, the exact timing of calls can prove to be a key piece of information. Even if the content of the call itself or the people involved isn’t noteworthy, the timing can be crucial to a case. If a network provider can’t produce the logs, the phone itself keeps a record of who you rang, when and for how long the call lasted.

  1. GPS

GPS can be a useful tool when you’re lost in a new neighborhood, but it can also help others to find you. Experts can track your location and pin down your coordinates using your phone’s GPS – helpful if you’ve lost your phone, or if you need to prove your whereabouts to the authorities.

  1. IP Address

Fraud is rife on the internet, especially identity theft. If someone is posing as you, your IP address can help prove your innocence. If somebody is claiming to be you on a dating app, your IP address will be completely different from the one using the app.

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