About Dan

Dan James was the former Chief Investigator, Computer Forensic Examiner, and Certified Fraud Examiner for the Office of the Federal Public Defender, Northern District of Texas.

Experience Summary of Dan James:
United States Marine Corps (1966-1970), Vietnam vet (1967-1968).
Investigation of USMC prisoner (Brig Inmates) abuse and UCMJ issues (1968 – 1970).
Juvenile/Adult Sex Crimes (1970 – to present).

Internship – Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences (SWIFS) at Dallas – Physical Evidence Section – Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, Drug Analysis, Gunshot Residue, and Physiological Fluids (excluding blood). (1970 – 1973).
Bachelor of Science -Major Criminal Justice – Minor Chemistry (1973).
State Court Appointed Juvenile/Adult Sex Crimes (1970 – 2001).

Computer Forensic Examinations and Digital Investigations (1990 to present).
Certified Fraud Examiner (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – CFE)(1996 – to present).
Licensed Private Investigator (1973 – 2001).
Investigator/Chief Investigator/Computer Forensic Examiner – Office of the Federal Public Defender
(2001 – 2013).

Installed and maintained a fully configured computer forensic lab for the Federal Public Defender, Northern District of Texas.

Trained interns and fellow investigators from other FPD Offices on AccessData’s FTK and MPE+ (Mobile Phone Examiner).

Hosted eDiscovey that was searchable in plain English for the CJA Panel. Provided detained inmates with computerized searchable discovery.

Resource to the Criminal Justice Act Panel regarding complex and complicated cases. Additionally, gave CLE and other presentations to the CJA Panel.

Designated Expert in Computer Forensics and Financial Frauds in Federal Courts.
Continuous training in AccessData’s forensic tools and Peer – to – Peer (P2P) Networking.
Founder of Institute of Computer Forensic Examinations and Criminal Investigations – Licensed Private
Investigator (2013).

Speaker, An Arsenal of Forensic Tools
Lantern Certified Examiner – Katana Forensics (Apple Mobile Devices and Android Devices) (January 2015).