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Digital Forensics Expert: Who They Are and When You Need Them

Digital forensics experts have a complex role that fuses technology with detection. They deal with stolen digital information, helping victims of digital-related crimes and bringing criminals to justice.

What is a digital forensics expert?

Our team of digital forensics experts in Dallas and Fort Worth are hired when somebody has had their information stolen from their computer, cell phone, or other digital systems.

The digital forensics expert in Texas analyses crimes and uses their intricate knowledge of digital forensics to determine when and where the crime was committed, with the aim to eventually discover who did it.

Their ultimate aim is to recover the information that has been stolen from the victim and to provide evidence to the police to bring the criminal to justice. This is usually by a trial and conviction, and the victim may also be offered compensation.

Do I need a digital forensics expert?

If you have been a victim of cybercrime, a digital forensics expert may be able to help. For example, if your bank has been hacked into and you have lost a substantial amount of money, a digital forensics expert will be able to use their knowledge of operating systems and forensics to trace the cyber theft back and hopefully uncover the perpetrator.

Companies may also need a digital forensics expert. If their systems have been hacked onto and sensitive information shared, they will want to do everything that they can to ensure that the hacker is stopped and information gained is limited. They may also wish to seek compensation and justice against the hacker. In this case, a digital forensics expert can be incredibly useful to get a deep insider knowledge of how and why the crime was committed, and (perhaps most importantly) who did it.

Our Digital forensics expert in Dallas and Fort Worth can also use their niche knowledge to advise the cybercrime victim on strengthening their web applications and systems to ensure that repeat attacks do not happen in the future.

If you have been a victim of a cybercrime, you may be feeling anxious and paranoid. We understand how difficult it is to resolve, and we have the tools to make it easier for you.

If you are looking for a digital forensics expert in Fort Worth or Dallas, we can help. Get in touch with us today to discuss the crime that you were a victim of.

Institute Of Computer Forensic Examinations And Criminal Investigations


The Institute of Computer Forensic Examinations and Criminal Investigations is Duly Licensed  as Continuing Education CE Training School (Y15802201)  by Texas Department of Public Safety Regulatory Services Division.  Additionally, ICFECI is a C.E. Provider registered (Registration Number :  2229)  by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations.

ICFECI offers training in relation to computer/cell phone forensics and criminal investigations with primary focus on Federal Criminal Code and RULES, Title 18 § 3006A.  Additionally, ICFECI offers training regarding RULES OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE, Rule 16.  Discovery and Inspections.

ICFECI offers training in computer and cell phone forensics, including repair and maintenance of computers and cell phones.

Computer equipment training is done on Tableau products.  Computer and cell phone forensics tools training is done with Accessdata’s Forensic Tools, Oxygen Forensic Tools and Autopsy open source forensic tools.

The Institute’s training is offered to examiners who are already involved in digital forensics and need continuing education.

Taking computer/cell phone forensics continuing educations classes requires an introduction to ethics as a code of professional conduct and or responsibility.

Certificates of Completion

Upon completion, continuing educations certificates issued.


If for any reason, courses do not meet your expectations, apply and a full refund will be issued.  If a course is cancelled for any reason, a refund will be issued or the fee can be applied to another course of your choice. C.E. credits will not be issued for or may be retracted for refunded courses.


Dan James

Institute of Computer Forensics and Criminal Investigations

4364 Western Center Blvd., #304, Fort Worth, TX 76137

What is a fraud examiner?

Fraud is a criminal offence, which involves doing an act by saying that you are someone you are not. For example, if you were to make a bank transaction as somebody else, that would be fraudulent. Fraud can also refer to forging people’s signatures or even the fraudster stating that they are somebody else on the phone, and making transactions on their part.

This crime can cause people to lose money or opportunities, at the gain of the fraudster. Any type of fraud is illegal and very frustrating for the victim, but it is particularly hard-hitting if they end up losing a lot of money due to the fraudulent transactions. If somebody feels like they have been a victim of fraud, they may hire a fraud examiner.

What is a fraud examiner?

A fraud examiner is a highly trained professional who helps people who have been a victim of fraud. They will help them assess how and why they were a victim of fraud, and what can be done about it. Our certified fraud examiners in Texas, mainly based in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, work with clients in the area to investigate their claims to being victims of fraud.

The fraud examiner will use their expertise and skills, as well as online resources, to reach a conclusion as to what happened to their client. They may then offer this evidence in court if the guilty party is caught and convicted.

The fraud examiner’s advice can also help the victim steer clear of fraudulent activity in the future.

Do I need a fraud examiner?

If you have been a victim of fraud, whether that be if you have lost a lot of money, or have missed opportunities due to fraud, and are based in the DFW area, our fraud examiners can help. We may be able to track the fraud and find the guilty party, which may help to provide you with some compensation. If you have lost a lot of money due to being a victim of fraud, our service is a worthwhile investment into getting it back!

An Attorney’s Guide of Choosing a Criminal Defense Investigator in Dallas

If you find yourself as the subject of a police investigation, it’s important to avail yourself of the services of the best criminal defense investigator Dallas has to offer. Your defense investigator will play a crucial role in gathering digital forensics which could be vital in proving your innocence.

This ultimately means that you can never underestimate the importance of having an experienced professional on your side. A seasoned criminal defense investigator with a reliable success rate will be able to utilize technology to go down avenues beginners might potentially overlook, thereby helping you to prove your case in a court of law.

From an attorney’s perspective, your criminal defense investigator should also be able to:

Offer promptness and diligence

When the police are alerted to a potential incident, they will immediately start investigating and gathering evidence. This can include requesting copies of digital surveillance, audio recordings or computer forensics. Under these circumstances, you need to act fast – hire the best criminal defense investigator Fort Worth has to offer and hit the ground running.

Look at your case from an alternative perspective

While taking in the logistics of your case, an experienced criminal defense investigator will know exactly which avenues to look down: potential problems with warrants, erroneous data collection, violations of constitutional rights and other issues with evidence could all help strengthen your case. Having this alternative perspective can be of huge benefit.

Provide thorough witness investigation

Your criminal defense investigator could help by casting a new light on State witnesses. This can be done by public disclosure requests via police agencies or by issuing subpoenas on persons or businesses who hold information that could be relevant to your case. Any witness information which could help your defense should be unearthed, and you’re going to need an experienced investigator to help you with this.

Prepare witness interviews

Criminal defense investigators will usually conduct witness interviews. This allows them to discover important details that might have been ignored by the police or prosecution. Witness interviews also help your legal team to gain more information about what witnesses will be testifying to, and could help to highlight any weak areas of the case put forward by the prosecution.

If you would like further information on how the best criminal defense investigator Fort Worth or Dallas wide could help strengthen your case, please do not hesitate to get in touch with ICFECI today. A member of our experienced team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

The use of computer forensics in private investigations

Computers (and the way they connect us) are arguably one of the greatest achievements of mankind. However, there is also a somewhat dark side to connectivity – one which most everyday users would find abhorrent. Computers can be used to commit fraud, to deal illegal or contraband goods/services, to exploit vulnerable people and harass innocent members of the public.

While many of us have a rudimentary understanding of how computer forensics can be used to either exonerate or prosecute an individual in a criminal trial, few of us are aware of the role computers, mobile phones and other devices can play during a private investigation.

The answer of course is in much the same way. It would be naïve to assume that once browsing history or files have been deleted from a hard drive that they are somehow magically lost forever. The truth is that most information is recoverable, and every single key input and mouse-click leaves a trail that a good private investigator in Dallas will have the skills and tools to uncover.

Why use a private investigation service in Texas?

Businesses and individuals alike have plenty of reasons to turn to private investigation and computer forensics. Some of the most popular reasons for businesses to request the forensic services of a digital private investigator in Dallas include the following:

  • Obtaining evidence of computer misuse on company time
  • Identifying posters of potentially libellous content (such as false reviews)
  • Identifying website cloners/intellectual property theft
  • Obtaining evidence for employment disputes

Likewise, individuals might have good reason to employ computer forensics as part of a private investigation. It’s a discreet way to uncover whether a partner or family member is:

Being unfaithful

  • Accessing pornography
  • Accessing extremist content
  • Partaking in online harassment/bullying

Whatever your reasons for requiring a private investigation service in Texas, you can rely on ICFECI to deliver a professional, discreet and confidential service which will help to put your concerns at rest one way or another. For further information on the types of computer and mobile phone forensics we provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

How computer forensics is used to tackle blackmail and harassment

In an age of seemingly limitless connectivity, people all over the world now have the ability to contact one another with relative ease, 24-hours-a-day. While smart phones, tablets and computers are great at facilitating everything from business deals to online dating, they also make the potential for harassment much easier – and therefore more widespread – than ever before.

Online harassment, abuse and blackmail are on the rise, with individuals, small businesses and even large multinational corporations being open to these forms of attack. In some cases, the perpetrators might even try to use VPNs or anonymous browsers like Tor to conceal their identity – but thankfully there are methods to identify perpetrators in ways which are admissible in a court of law.

Following Digital Footprints

If you’re currently the subject of online harassment – be it on an individual or commercial basis – why not allow the best computer forensics analyst in Texas to help you track down those who seek to damage your reputation?

As a specialist computer forensics analyst in Dallas, we’re able to track down cell phone numbers, social media accounts, IP addresses and even specific devices used in online harassment, blackmail, extortion and hate crime. With unique tools and skills, we’re able to confirm the identity of online harassers with a large degree of success.

Defending Against Online Harassment

The relative anonymity of the online world is something of a myth. Even if an individual goes to great lengths to conceal their identity (such as using false email addresses or “sock puppet” social media accounts), a computer forensics analyst in Dallas should be able to track the IP addresses and domains used to harass you.

Harassment can have a huge impact on your quality of life – and if your harassers are also willing to target your business, it could affect your income. If you’ve got an idea of who is causing distress and bad-mouthing your company online, our experts are able to cross-reference IP addresses to make sure.

From here, you’ll then be in a position to present your evidence to a court of law – be it for a civil claim due to loss of earnings, or a criminal suit due to the impact of harassment upon your life.

For more information, why not contact ICFECI today? As the finest computer forensic analyst in Texas, we’re on your side to help you get the justice you deserve.

How USB Forensics Can Uncover Illegal Activity

For the past decade, digital forensics has been a hugely prominent force in the fight against illegal activity. Cases can be supported or dismissed on account of evidence gleaned from mobile forensics, computer forensics, and cell site analysis. However, cases usually require a device such as a smartphone or a laptop to be in the possession of the prosecution – but what if the information has been placed onto a computer or copied from a computer, and you don’t have access to the physical hardware used to do so?


The good news is that ICFECI – the best private investigator Dallas has to offer – can uncover the history of every device connected to your computer via USB.


Private investigator Texas: why USB connectivity information matters


In an age of wireless connectivity, you might not think USB device connection history is important. However, proof that a USB device has been connected to your computer in your absence could help support your case. The idea of a connected USB device may seem innocuous enough, but it’s a fact that USB connection history is useful can be useful to determine:


  • When sensitive information (such as bank details) has been copied from a computer.
  • When illegal files have been copied to or from a computer.
  • When a mobile device has been charged via a computer (for example, if a cheating spouse allowed their lover to charge a phone via a USB slot on a laptop).
The above scenarios are just three examples of how people can leave a digital footprint via USB connectivity. As the best private investigator, Fort Worth has to offer, we’re able to employ a series of complex digital forensics techniques to identify when devices have been connected to your device and the purpose of the connection of these devices.


How can I tell what USB devices have been connected to my computer?


Computers feature a database known as the registry. This registry is where the core settings of the operating system are stored. Whenever a USB device is inserted into a computer, a key is created within the registry. This registry key contains information about the USB device, and with the right tools and know-how, a private investigator can extract this information.


If you’d like to know more about how our digital forensics services could help you identify when USB devices have been connected to your computer, why not get in touch with the team at ICFECI today. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and offer advice on how our service could benefit you.

Challenges in Mobile Forensics: How Manufacturer Security Is Getting Tighter

In 2020, the main challenge for cell phone forensics teams has continued to be encryption. This year, the encryption bundled with Android devices as standard has started to cause issues for computer forensics firms.

While encryption has been around since Android 6, all mid-range Android devices and Samsung smartphones prior to 2019 made use of Full Disk Encryption or FDE. This form of encryption uses a less secure encryption scheme that protects mobile data with “default password” as the encryption seed key – nothing new for your average purveyor of computer forensics in Dallas to crack.

As of 2020, most new cell phones come with File-Based Encryption (or FBE of short). This newer encryption scheme encrypts files with a key based on the screen lock passcode of the user. While experts in computer forensics in Texas can still prevail when it comes to decrypting data from new smartphones, acquisitions will undoubtedly become significantly more time-consuming and difficult as a result.

Why Android forensics is causing headaches

For those without mobile forensics expertise who need to access encrypted data, Android is causing some serious problems. The smartphone market is saturated with thousands of different low-budget Android models. These models are equipped with all sorts of different chipsets from a variety of manufacturers.

Powerful data acquisition methods, such as EDL extraction, can be used to access a special “safe mode” which exists on most devices for engineering/diagnostic purposes. However, these methods might not be suitable and will depend on individual device settings which could actually enforce enhanced encryption, should the device recognize that its data may be compromised.

Dedicated forensic tools

Ultimately, in 2020 a computer forensics team in Texas will need an arsenal of dedicated forensic tools to access encrypted data. In addition to this, they may employ techniques such as cloud extraction to acquire data.

If you’re in Dallas and have been locked out of a cell phone, or need to access encrypted data for legal purposes, chances are you’ll need access to computer forensics in Texas to achieve the desired result. In 2020, technology has become incredibly complex, and it pays to let the experts do the work for you.

6 Types of Digital Forensics That Can Help Solve Your Case

Digital or cyber forensics are changing the way that crimes are solved. In crimes related to a computer or similar electronic device, digital forensics can also be used in a court of law. But it’s not only the police force who use digital forensics. If you hire a private investigator in Texas they can help answer your questions using some of the latest technology.

Here are six different types of digital forensics you need to know about.

Image forensics

Similar to video and audio forensics, the metadata of images are analyzed in order to determine the legitimacy and locate a source for it.

In 2020, digital forensics is a very dominant component of forensic science and the legal industry. In essence, as technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, there will be a growth in subdisciplines of digital forensic approaches.

Computer forensics

This is the recovery of material and information found on a computing device such as a desktop PC, laptop and any of its internal storage components such as hard drives where information can be collected as evidence.

Mobile device forensics

Similar to computer forensics, this is applied to the storage media used by mobile devices such as phones or tablets – typically via SIM cards or GPS. This can often be crossed over with computer forensics due to the similar approach.

Networking forensics

This is the analysis and retrieval of information over a networking server. This is applicable to locating sources of cyber attacks and other malicious transferrals over a network that can potentially be collected as evidence for crimes.

Memory forensics

This is the live analysis and recovery of information and data operating on the system’s memory (RAM). This is useful when there is information present in a system’s volatile data that isn’t easily found on storage media.

Video and audio forensics

This is the analysis of digital audio or video recordings. This is carried out to determine legitimacy of the recording to determine whether or not it has been edited or modified – which then determines its potential for use in court.

This is why we private investigators here in Fort Worth and Texas are continually developing our skills in the world of cyber forensics.

How to protect yourself from false forensics

It is commonly understood that once something leaves the closed system of your phone or computer, it is out of your hands. Text messages are saved by providers, blog posts are screenshotted and saved, and calls are logged or recorded. When it comes to technology, nothing is ephemeral.

That said, technology is highly adaptable by nature. Every time we think we have found a way to outsmart it, a new strain of deception appears. Many people are aware of ‘deep fakes,’ a method of effectively impersonating someone via video editing. Considering how simple it has become to alter someone’s face and words, the act of altering text is hardly outside the realm of possibility.

Problems with digital evidence

On top of this, a number of problems prevent law enforcement from accurately assessing digital evidence. This includes the amount of digital evidence (thousands of texts can be sent within the span of a few hours); the difficulty of obtaining original copies of messages (screenshots are easily edited and tech giants are notoriously slow at providing data); and the ease of cherry-picking information from a seemingly endless source (you might have searched for a term tangentially related to the crime five years ago).

False forensics can be particularly damaging in cases that involve fraud and sexual assault. Messages can be erased or edited to appear in someone else’s favor or to hide evidence of misrepresentation. Especially when dealing with law enforcement who might not be trained to deal with digital evidence, a doctored email could sway an entire case against you.

Computer forensics in Dallas

Bearing everything in mind, it is crucial to consider your own technological safety. Computer forensics should be handled by experts, who have a professional understanding of the evidence. ICFECI offers computer forensics in Dallas and computer forensics in Fort Worth with the goal of protecting you from false accusations or mishandling of crucial evidence. Our experts are trained to identify relevant parts of data, in addition to often overlooked warning signs for when messages have been deleted or doctored.

In today’s world, it is easier than ever to frame someone using technology. You need to ensure that you are doing everything you can to make technology work in your favor.