Getting the facts right is important in any situation, but none more so than in legal cases. Putting a case together and establishing the truth for a client who has been wrongfully accused, for instance, relies on stringent fact-checking  and authentication. That’s why ICFECI and tens of thousands of others use Autopsy, a powerful tool that validates findings from forensic programs like FTK and Oxygen. The open source digital forensics platform is a fast, thorough, and efficient hard drive investigation  solution offering all the core features a forensic investigator needs.

The software is built by Basis Technology, who also offer training, commercial support and add-on modules. Training allows investigators to maximize efficiency and obtain CPE credits, while the subscription-based support grants you access to dedicated engineers providing expert knowledge and timely resolutions. As well as this, users can request custom modules to streamline investigations, access advanced expertise and take advantage of flexible IP models.

Autopsy is designed with ease of use in mind. It’s used by law enforcement, corporate examiners and national security, so making things intuitive and easy to follow is something this program does very well. Everyone wants results fast, and this is another thing Autopsy excels at — the platform runs background tasks in parallel and will show you in minutes if keywords are found on a device. Users can also skip unnecessary,  time intensive steps for a less thorough analysis, and you can also prioritize folders and files you are particularly keen to examine.

Perhaps the greatest feature of Autopsy is its affordability. The software is free to use, and provides a sophisticated forensic tool comparable to other commercial programs. In fact, Autopsy offers other features like web artifact analysis that more costly tools do not.

If you’d like to find out more about Autopsy, feel free to contact ICFECI todav or download for free on their website.