How can memory affect eyewitness testimony?

In cases with very little forensic evidence, eyewitness testimony becomes incredibly important. Prosecutors struggle to make an argument when there is no physical proof to substantiate their claims, but witnesses at the scene may back up their case. Unfortunately eyewitness testimony is not very reliable. Even if someone believes they are telling the truth, their … Continue reading How can memory affect eyewitness testimony?

What is Computer Forensics?

Computer forensics is a specialist process in which experts analyse data stored on electronic devices. Evidence which may be retrieved includes: SMS messages Emails Images Videos Internet history Operating data Downloads Files Intellectual property Experts can trace PCs, cell phones, hard drives and other electronics to find this data. Even if the devices have been … Continue reading What is Computer Forensics?

How computer forensics can help you

These days we use computers and cell phones for everything. With one device we can send messages, play games, take photos, browse the internet, bank, listen to music, transfer files and so much more. Every time we pick up our cells or laptops we’re creating, sharing and downloading more and more data. Given that most … Continue reading How computer forensics can help you

Financial Forensics

Forensics refers to tests and techniques that experts use to extract, analyse and interpret evidence in criminal or civil proceedings. Digital forensics involves acquiring, processing and analysing data from computers, smartphones, remote storage and other devices. The findings from the data are used in courts. Forensic science involves scientific processes used in solving crimes like … Continue reading Financial Forensics

ICFECI campaigns for justice for all

The experts at ICFECI have seen a lot of cases over the years. Although the crimes, victims and evidence are ever changing, there are some concerning elements that reappear time and time again. One such factor is the type of people being tried, convicted and sentenced in criminal court on a regular basis – not … Continue reading ICFECI campaigns for justice for all