Can a forensic investigator testify in my case?

Forensic investigation doesn’t just involve collecting and analyzing information. While this is a major part of the job, communicating this evidence to others and explaining the data is a key area of expertise for any professional investigator. Being called as an expert in criminal proceedings is a responsibility that ICFECI takes with the utmost seriousness, … Continue reading Can a forensic investigator testify in my case?

Understanding why people lie

Quite often in cases of wrongful conviction, the accused is incorrectly identified as the perpetrator based on information given by others. While forensic and biological evidence is largely irrefutable, human evidence is not so undeniable. If you are accused of a crime you didn’t commit, you might be wondering why people would want to lie … Continue reading Understanding why people lie

5 ways your cell phone can exonerate you

Our cell phones store an incredible amount of data. Nowadays we don’t even realize just how much information is contained in these devices, but it could be the difference between our freedom and our conviction. If you’ve been accused of a crime, cell phone data can help prove your innocence. Even if your device has … Continue reading 5 ways your cell phone can exonerate you

What is forensic linguistics?

Forensic evidence incorporates a number of investigative techniques and methods. You have more than likely heard of DNA, fingerprints and blood splatter analysis, but there are also more uncommon practices that can help solve a crime. One of these is forensic linguistics. This process involves the analysis of texts to decipher authorship. Experts apply linguistic … Continue reading What is forensic linguistics?

Why Do Wrongful Convictions Occur?

Wrongful convictions are sadly not as rare as we might expect. As much as we’d like to believe our justice system is fair and accurate, the truth is that miscarriages of justice are commonplace. Criminal investigations are complex, and unfortunately this means that mistakes, falsifications and misconduct can lead to a damning conviction for the … Continue reading Why Do Wrongful Convictions Occur?