Why become an investigator?

Choosing a career is no easy feat. If you have different hobbies and interests, narrowing these down and picking one job is daunting. There are so many career paths available to us and so many routes we can take to get there, but ultimately the decision is your own. If you’re interested in becoming an … Continue reading Why become an investigator?

Oxygen Forensic Detective

ICFECI uses a number of programs to solve cases, one of them being Oxygen Forensic Detective. This software is an advanced system that can extract data from multiple sources be it cell phones, hard drives or memory cards, Oxygen can retrieve, decode and analyze information at an impressive Oxygen offers a number of features that … Continue reading Oxygen Forensic Detective

Magnet AXIOM

Magnet Forensics offers a solid workhorse with their program Magnet AXIOM. Whether you’re looking for powerful analytics, impressive reporting tools or something that will probe more sources than any other, this software has an enormous amount of features that will become invaluable to your forensic investigations. The advancements in technology and the increased access to … Continue reading Magnet AXIOM

5 key steps involved in digital forensic science

Digital forensic science in its simplest terms is the process used for examining and interpreting data that can be found on digital devices such as computers, mobile phones, hard drives, and any other device that has internal memory and communication ability. ICFECI has been providing digital forensic services in Dallas and Fort Worth for many … Continue reading 5 key steps involved in digital forensic science

What should I do if I am wrongly accused?

Miscarriages of justice are sadly not as rare as you might expect. Mistakes can happen at any stage of an investigation, and of course sometimes witnesses do not always tell the truth. These cases are tragic not only for the victims and the wrongfully accused, but also for the general public while the perpetrator remains … Continue reading What should I do if I am wrongly accused?