Business crimes and how to avoid them

Running a company is a tough job, especially if you have a large team to oversee. While we’d like to think we know and trust our employees, occasionally there are some that surprise us in the worst way. Businesses are often susceptible to criminals stealing information, ideas and money, but there are a number of precautionary measures you can take to prevent this.


If your place of work stores a lot of products or cash, theft is surely one of the most prevalent crimes affecting your business. Trusting employees with large amounts of money and expensive stock is a risk, but this can be successfully mitigated using CCTV cameras, stock takes and employee monitoring.


Business espionage or industrial espionage refers to theft of ideas, data or knowledge. Competitors may place spies in your workforce to acquire trade secrets or technologies without you even realizing. A forensic investigator in Texas can help track your employees’ activity and detect any fraudulent behavior.


Embezzlement involves employees using and abusing the company’s funds for their own needs. They may falsely acquire assets or covertly direct money their own way, effectively stealing from the business. Keep a close eye on any employees you suspect are doing this, and make sure there is more than one person dealing with financial matters – one individual should not have all the power and access that would enable them to commit these crimes.


Falsifying documents or altering existing ones is a small but hugely illegal act that could cause massive problems for your business. Employees may forge contracts, receipts, deeds and other documents, so be sure to have a stringent verification system in place and keep important paperwork locked away from those who don’t need access.

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