Can computer forensics recover deleted messages?

A question regularly asked of computer forensics experts is whether they can recover deleted messages. It is often the case that messages are deleted in error, or they’ve been erased before their importance was established. Sometimes communication can be deliberately hidden from an investigation for one reason or another. Whatever the case may be, computer forensics can help to retrieve these messages to use as evidence in court.


Email correspondence is a popular way of communicating, especially when it comes to business. We cannot buy anything or hire a service nowadays without receiving email confirmations and correspondence. It is often also the most convenient way for colleagues to discuss work, arrange meetings and send files.

When it comes to corporate legal issues and white-collar crime, email messages are crucial pieces of evidence. If this proof of communication is lost or deleted, computer forensic investigators in Fort Worth like ICFECI can usually recover it. This is also the case if devices have been damaged, burnt or water-logged.


Cell phone forensics is closely linked to computer forensics and requires similar expertise. With the correct equipment and skill, experts can retrieve data from cell phones even if it has been deleted or lost.

When others deny knowing you or having anything to do with the crime, SMS texts can prove otherwise. If you have had communication that can prove your argument or disprove theirs, hiring a computer forensic expert in Texas such as ICFECI will help you recover the messages you need.

Social media

People don’t realize just how risky it can be to publish things online. Even if you have deleted the content or it can’t be seen anymore, once it’s on the internet it is on there forever.

This means that any messages sent via social media, be it Twitter, Facebook, TikTok or otherwise, can still be tracked and retrieved even when it’s been deleted.

Recovering deleted messages is easier than you might think. Contact ICFECI today to see how we can help.