Can you recover files from a damaged computer?

At ICFECI, one of the questions we get asked a lot is whether we can recover files from damaged computers and cell phones. Many assume that if the item is burned, waterlogged or broken, it won’t be possible to retrieve any data. These devices contain so much information nowadays that losing this could make or break your case. In some situations, people might think that by destroying the device they are destroying the evidence.

The good news is that this belief could not be further from the truth. Our forensic experts can extract information even from something that seems damaged beyond repair. Of course this is no easy feat, and for many other investigators it is beyond their capabilities. However at ICFECI, we have the expertise, technology and experience to ensure that files can be recovered from even the most damaged computer.

People mistakenly believe that by destroying the device they are destroying evidence. This leads to many deliberately damaging goods to ensure that no data can be extracted. However it may also be the case that you have accidentally damaged a device that could exonerate you. Whatever the situation, it is possible to recover files from damaged computers and cell phones if you have the right tools and experts.

How is data recovered?

Whether it’s a hard drive, SSD or USB drive, we specialise in recovering forensically sound data. We may need to repair or replace certain elements, for example the motherboard, controller chip or ROM, or we may need to reprogram the PCB firmware.

In such cases, once the damage has been repaired, we can then forensically duplicate the device. This allows us to access data from the source device using a Tableau Forensic Duplicator.

The Tableau Forensic Duplicator write blocks, reads and copies all the data (even deleted files) from the original source drive and relocates the information to a wiped destination drive. This is connected to a forensic program that can provide digital evidence analysis, full text searching, e-mail analysis, known file alerts as well as many other forensic features.

ICFECI also provides Level 3, Certified Cellular Master Technician services to recover data from damaged cell phones.

If you’re worried about recovering data from broken devices, ICFECI can help. Even if you think your computer or cell phone is beyond all hope, our forensic experts have a history of successfully extracting data from the most damaged devices. Get in touch today and see what we can do.