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Cyber forensics is a profession of dedication and determination

Cyber forensics is a profession of dedication and determination

The evolution of computer forensics has significantly impacted the way that criminal and civil investigations are conducted.

You may think that this branch of forensics is only concerned with helping to solve cyber crimes but in actuality, it can help to provide evidence in a variety of civil fraud investigations and all types of criminal litigation. In fact, many crimes have a digital dimension in the 2020s and this means that it’s often essential for cyber forensics experts to step in.

It requires dedication to help with solving crimes that other detectives simply cannot fathom. So, what does it take for cyber forensics experts help to solve otherwise unsolvable crimes?

Constant dedication to learning

The digital world is fast-paced and undergoes constant evolution. The tech world consistently strives to produce more advanced computers, cell phones, and other technology. With this in mind, forensic investigators must be constantly on our toes to stay one step ahead of criminals that seek to exploit technology to commit civil fraud or crimes.

Profound resilience

Computer/cell phone forensics can present a puzzle that must be unlocked by expert investigators. Although most criminals are not cyber experts, many of them attempt to cover their tracks when they have been involved in nefarious or criminal behaviours. So, when digital evidence has been deleted by criminals, it is down to forensic investigators to search through records to trace and recover any relevant evidence that could be pivotal during an investigation.

An insatiable quest for the truth

One of the primary facets of forensic investigation is searching for the truth. Forensic investigators often get involved with cold cases that have been dormant for decades. When investigating a crime where the evidence may be sparse and leads have grown cold, experts must have a thirst for getting to the truth and possess a passion for solving these crimes. At ICFECI, we strive for success and go above and beyond the legal requirements of Title 18, USC, Sec 3006A to deliver a service that ensures the truth comes to light.

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