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How USB Forensics Can Uncover Illegal Activity

For the past decade, digital forensics has been a hugely prominent force in the fight against illegal activity. Cases can be supported or dismissed on account of evidence gleaned from mobile forensics, computer forensics, and cell site analysis. However, cases usually require a device such as a smartphone or a laptop to be in the possession of the prosecution – but what if the information has been placed onto a computer or copied from a computer, and you don’t have access to the physical hardware used to do so?


The good news is that ICFECI – the best private investigator Dallas has to offer – can uncover the history of every device connected to your computer via USB.


Private investigator Texas: why USB connectivity information matters


In an age of wireless connectivity, you might not think USB device connection history is important. However, proof that a USB device has been connected to your computer in your absence could help support your case. The idea of a connected USB device may seem innocuous enough, but it’s a fact that USB connection history is useful can be useful to determine:


  • When sensitive information (such as bank details) has been copied from a computer.
  • When illegal files have been copied to or from a computer.
  • When a mobile device has been charged via a computer (for example, if a cheating spouse allowed their lover to charge a phone via a USB slot on a laptop).
The above scenarios are just three examples of how people can leave a digital footprint via USB connectivity. As the best private investigator, Fort Worth has to offer, we’re able to employ a series of complex digital forensics techniques to identify when devices have been connected to your device and the purpose of the connection of these devices.


How can I tell what USB devices have been connected to my computer?


Computers feature a database known as the registry. This registry is where the core settings of the operating system are stored. Whenever a USB device is inserted into a computer, a key is created within the registry. This registry key contains information about the USB device, and with the right tools and know-how, a private investigator can extract this information.


If you’d like to know more about how our digital forensics services could help you identify when USB devices have been connected to your computer, why not get in touch with the team at ICFECI today. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and offer advice on how our service could benefit you.

What can cyber forensic services do for you?

Being accused of a crime is scary. It is a life-changing moment when simply knowing that you have been accused can cause friends to turn their backs on you, family members to harbor suspicions and colleagues and employers can take steps to distance themselves from you, just in case, the accusation happens to be true.

Of course, sometimes the accusation is true, but there are few people who take the side of the perceived criminal, and accidents and happenstance is seldom accepted on the word of the so-called perpetrator.

This is where digital forensic services can help both sides: offering evidence of the truth of one’s statement. For example, if there is no way to leave a room without leaving fingerprints, and your fingerprints cannot be found anywhere in the room, it must be accepted that you were never in that room.

Today, fingerprints are the old-school example of forensic investigation. Today, there are often more subtle ways to prove alibis and statements. Let us have a look at some of these:

GPS locations

Many devices contain GPS features so that you can access maps and plot courses to new places. These devices tend to keep records of your locations so that a certified fraud examiner can verify your whereabouts at the time being analyzed. They can help to prove that you were elsewhere when a crime was committed and can even attest to your state of mind. For example, sharing a cute cat video during the occurrence of a robbery is a fair indicator that you were elsewhere!

Otherwise, if someone is accusing you of committing a crime against them, an examination of their phones or devices can be useful. For example, if they say that they were not at a certain place, their devices can prove that this is not true and that they have perhaps muddled one day up with another.

Cyber forensic services and computer activity

Many murderers are caught because of their search history into how to commit the heinous act, but sometimes this can work the other way. Lack of searches about criminal activity, proof of attempts to go straight, even social media posts, all can help to prove a defendant’s claims as to their state of mind, activities and more, giving their lawyer something to face down the prosecution with.

Undoing fit-ups

Should someone try to frame you for a crime, a good computer forensics expert can help with this. There is no action taken on a computer that an experienced digital investigator cannot track, and this includes the careful planting of data – and being able to prove that someone else has the means, motive and the method is an excellent way to instill reasonable doubt in any judge or jury.

If you are in need of a criminal defense investigator, why not gives us a call today? Our investigators have the expertise that you need right now.


Computer Forensic Examiner Uncovers Digital Evidence of Criminal Activity

Nowadays, people are shifting towards the digital age, as many things have gotten digitized so it has become easier for humans to adopt digital environments. In this electronic age, computer permeates almost every part of our lives. The uses of computers, mobile phones, and other digital devices increase day by day, so it creates paths to criminal cases involving computers and the internet.  All of the bank transactions and records of our business activities are recorded electronically. The internet has made sweeping changes to how we work and live. In the digital age, everything is just a click away. From shopping to communicating, and now learning, almost everything can be done online. This changing trend has encouraged more and more cyber crimes or computer crimes to take place in the whole world.

So to fight cybercrime, an appropriate strategy needs to be designed. Computer forensic services Dallas primarily finds application in the field of forensic investigation of both criminal and civil litigations. They know how to gather and preserve the evidence, and can present the information.  They gather evidence in the form of documents, files, audio, videos, photos, images, emails, deleted financial statements and records by analyzing electronically stored information. They have extensive knowledge of computer systems and programs and the ability to retrieve information from them. Often, they can retrieve data that has been deleted from the device. To do this work they make use of particular computer forensics software and other tools. Digital forensic tools are designed to provide detailed reports of all the evidence and facts retrieved and preserve them in an organized manner to help find a successful resolution to the case and make informed decisions based on it.

A forensics specialist provides many services related to digital forensics, these include deleted data recovery, e-discovery, mobile phone forensics, cell site analysis and a range of other services. They work closely with their clients and inform them of any evidence that they uncover. They have a good understanding of all legal requirements. Preservation of evidence is also an important part of an investigation. The security and authenticity of the information are analyzed very carefully and handled only by the computer forensics expert. Once these steps are properly completed they make a report on the findings. All of the evidence is carefully analyzed and contain key issues that are relevant to that specific situation. The goal here is to put together everything that is relevant to that case and prove to be successful.

Choosing computer forensic services Dallas helps to ensure that the evidence is gathered, documented, and secured in a manner acceptable to the courts. At ICFECI, we are here to help you with your digital investigative needs. Feel free to contact us at 214-384-3246 for any questions you may have.

Damaged Cell Phones, a “Silent” Witness What is a Certified Cellular Master Technician, Level 3? Certified Cell Phone Examinations

The extent of most people’s forensic knowledge of electronic devices comes from watching television and movies. We often see phones are damaged, dramatically, in order to destroy evidence. Whereas this makes an excellent plot twist, the truth is actually much more dramatic—in most cases, data recovery from damaged cellular phones and USB memory drives is possible.

ICFECI has the ability to “put Humpty Dumpty back together again.” Approximately 35% of cellular devices examined by ICFECI have been purposefully damaged. Other issues may involve accidental screen damage, water damage or electrical power damage to the cellular devices. Regardless, any damage, intentional or not more than likely will not prevent forensic recovery of data, texts, photos, browsing history and usage.

Depending on the degree of damage, teardowns for recovery of digital devices is doable. In addition, complete disassembly and reassembly of cellular phones, tablets, computers, and USB memory sticks, albeit complicated, generally yield the secrets of the device.

ICFECI has a Certified Cellular Master Technician, Level 3, on staff for repairs and data extraction from cellular and USB flash memory devices, all manufacturers, any age, and in any condition. ICFECI provides Certified Cellular Examination and analysis using court-validated digital forensic services with tools. Additionally, ICFECI offers Chip-Off and JTAG Extraction and Analysis.

If you, your client, or loved one has a digital device involved in a legal matter, rest assured, ICFECI’s goal is the forensically sound recovery of data.  Our certified technicians can bring digital devices back to life. Don’t hesitate to contact ICFECI when you need a busted device to tell its own story.

Why Is It Essential to Hire a Business Fraud Investigator in Your Company?

Corporate fraud is a widespread problem within some businesses.  Advanced technology has changed the business world. In every country business frauds are happening. In some cases, fraud can go on for years before someone realizes and notices the situation. On a large scale with greater numbers involved, it is easier to cover up any sort of trace which may include; tax evasion, money laundering or financial reports, to solve these issues you may need to hire a fraud investigator. A business consists of Professionals, clients, and customers who are able to work globally. Business fraud can happen internally, among employees you trusted.  It can also happen externally from competitors who are attempting to throw a wrench into your finely tuned system.

If you suspect business fraud, then secure your livelihood and all your employees, by taking essential steps to begin a business fraud investigation immediately. The term business Investigation encompasses a variety of services for completely unrelated and diverse businesses.

Why should you take immediate steps for a Business Fraud Investigation?

Fraud is very harmful to the growth of the business. It consists of any illegal act, the concealment of the act, and the deriving of a benefit like converting the gains to cash or other valuable commodities. Starting work a private business fraud investigation team gives you room to be stressed out about this very serious issue without having your feelings and emotions impede the investigation. Every case that a private investigator handles is different. The basic structure of a corporate case is speaking with executives or employees that suspect fraud and find out the details. They are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and experience to approach a highly charged and potentially very critical situation. Once the problem is pinpointed, whether it’s the losses over the last few years, unexplained financial records, or missing documents, the investigator will begin the organizing process. There is a process involved in gathering information, converting it into intelligence and then utilizing this in business decision making.

The basic structure of fraud investigations is trying to establish what people know so far and how they know it. Once the investigator and relevant members from the business they are working to establishing what is happening they need to try and work out the time scale in which the fraud has been happening. They can back trace this by checking any recent loses, missing documents or unexplained financial records. The investigator will have to analyze each set of evidence given and try to build a picture before he commences surveillance.

Why hire ICFECI as your Business Fraud Investigation?

Dan James, the Certified Fraud Examiner, can handle the white collar crime pertaining to:

  •  Health and insurance fraud
  • Securities, mortgage, bribery, and cases of public corruption
  • Bank fraud and bankruptcy frauds
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Tax frauds

At ICFECI, we are committed to helping defendants wrongly accused of fraud involving the most complex and complicated cases. We will be happy to help you. Contact us for all your business fraud cases.

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be criminals

Let’s put this simply to begin: you don’t want your children to search the deep web or dive in the dark net. These would be, generally speaking, bad things.
In recent years, though, it’s gotten progressively easier to hide on the dark web. The code for The Onion Router (TOR) is getting a revamp in 2017, with the goal being stronger encryption — and letting administrators easily create full dark net sites that can only be discovered by a long string of essentially-unguessable characters. This could signal a next generation of hidden services. In the past, some of these sites have used a .onion address and declared that to hidden service directories. Now, it appears there will be an unique cryptographic key, and said key will be given to TOR hidden service directories. It’ll be a way for the dark net to become a bit easier to stay dark.
In the context of all this, how do you best protect your family? While some dark net sites are primarily in existence to avoid censorship in countries like China, there is a lot of non-family-friendly material on the dark web. You don’t want your children seeing a good portion of this content. How do you ensure that?
There is a fine line in these discussions, because it does involve some monitoring of your children’s activity online — and some parents don’t want to cross that line. But because of an increasing amount of pedophiles and illegal drugs on the dark web, vigilance is crucial. Some approaches include:
  • Be aware of what your kids search for/talk about with their friends
  • Check with their school to see how Internet research is being taught and monitored
  • Use the right software and trackers (I can be asked about some good options if you’d like)
  • Talk to them about the different types of content one comes across on the web
  • Explain to them explicitly what the dark web is vs. the “normal” web
  • Talk to them about the realities of cyber-bullying, which often occurs in dark web formats
Also bad, although less-discussed: many students use the dark web to cheat their way through high school, so have realistic discussions with your kids about what is happening in all their classes and how they view it contextually. If they don’t have good answers or backgrounds about what they’re learning, ask how they’re completing some of their work. If they stumble over those answers, there’s a chance dark web sites might be involved — and then you know it’s time to look at their histories.

Why I like Forensic ToolKit (FTK)

Sometimes I get asked what software I use most in computer forensics. I promise I’m not a paid spokesperson here, but I’m a big fan of AccessData’s Forensic Toolkit (FTK). I’ve been using different versions since about 2001, and I consider it the primary workhorse in my forensic tool arsenal. The current version is 6.1, which was released in October 2016. (Well, it’s the current one as of the initial posting of this article in February 2017.)

A couple of the key aspects of FTK I enjoy:

Multiple installations: FTK can be installed on multiple computers. To operate on a specific computer, you need a security dongle that you physically attach to that computer. If you want to work on another computer that has FTK installed, though, you can move the dongle and do it — it’s very easy. A lot of computer forensics programs don’t make this easy, which I think is one of the bigger value-adds of the FTK software.

Consistent search results: If you’re in the investigating phase or performing document review — and if you’re searching in FTK or a program like Summation — you can get consistent search results delivered quickly. This is a huge time-saver.

Fairly simple: With so many different tools on the market (for anything, really), I keep coming back to the idea that simplicity is key. FTK is powerful, but it’s deceptively simple. For example: all digital evidence gets shared in one case database. Anyone who needs to access the information has it all in one place. With some other forensics programs, there are multiple datasets — which increases the time and complexity you need to deal with, especially if you’re looping new people or new teams into the process.

Support and training: Their training and support options are world-class.

Visualization: We supposedly live in this era of “Big Data,” which I think is mostly true. But one of the things we miss about Big Data is that when we’ve put together lots of information, we still need a way to present it to people effectively. Many human beings are visual creatures, which makes the visualization aspect of FTK a huge value-add. I can automatically construct timelines and graphically illustrate relationships among parties of interest in a case; I can also use cluster graphs, pie charts, and geolocations. When I’m done with the different visualizations, I can then generate reports that are easily consumed by attorneys, CIOs or other investigators. This is absolutely amazing — and makes the back-and-forth aspect of this work much easier.

That’s my vote, then: FTK. I’ve been around it almost two decades and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Had a different experience with FTK, or have another forensics program you want to extol the virtues of? I’d love to hear.

 ICFECI: The Best Digital Forensic Service Provider

A mix of competence, skill, knowledge, integrity, and reliability is what you will get once you put your trust in what ICFECI does. In a world where digital evidence gets increasingly sought after, they will help you get the help you need in a manner most professional. With a list of credentials and positive reviews Dan James, the founder is the man who mobilizes a team that works night and day just to collect data that helps prove your case. He is a certified cell phone examiner and fraud examiner. Most importantly, he deals with computer and cell phone forensics, criminal investigations, federal rules of criminal procedure as well as criminal justice services. Thus, if you have a case related to any of these, Dan’s company is a necessary additive to your legal team.

Computer and cell phone forensics: the company does everything as per Title 18, USC, Sec 3006A. Mind you; forensic science has proven quite steadfast in helping solve cold cases within short periods of time. Other than the mainstream child pornography and corruption, drug-related cases and sex violations; ICFECI goes further to provide unique solutions as pertains to alleged fraud cases linked to securities, tax evasion, mortgage, misrepresentation, healthcare and email scams.

Criminal investigations: other than being the only organization of its kind in northern Texas, the company boasts a well-equipped computer lab. It, therefore, has the capability of transforming complex data extracted from computers and mobile devices into simpler, easily interpretable formats presentable in courts of law.

Federal rules of criminal procedure: other than collecting, analyzing and summarizing data for use by the courts of law, the company goes ahead to provide experts as witnesses if need be. They are committed to ensuring that clients get fully represented in line with what the law provides. They can go as far as providing conducting interrogations and discreet surveillance. All in a bid to help acquit you from any accusations leveled against you.


Here is a summarized list of what ICFECI offers to its wide range of clients.
Computer and cell phone forensic examinations.
Consultancy on sex crimes, child pornography, assault, murder, and crime of violence.
Certified fraud examinations in the healthcare, insurance and tax centers.
While collar frauds, Ponzi schemes, civil frauds, bank frauds, and criminal litigation cases.
Criminal Justice Act services where applicable.

However, what matters most is the manner in which your case gets handled. In collaboration with your defense team, the experts involved have only one goal in mind. Theirs is to come up with compelling, yet reasonable evidence. The technique has been proven to work as cases, which almost seemed unsolvable got brought to conclusive ends in favor of clients. You too can solve a case with their help, just like others did. Furthermore, if you do not trust the reviews, you can always put your confidence in the resources and highly self-trained individuals who have known nothing but mining data most of their lives.