Cell Phone Forensic Services

What is termed as cell phone forensics actually covers the range of portable devices including smart phones, laptops and tablets and PDAs. Mobile devices contain a variety of digital data including call records, images, messages, multimedia files, internet related data, location information and social messages that, individually or in combination could be a part of evidence linked to a purported crime, whether it is civil or criminal. Cell phone forensic services aims to gather evidence from digital data contained in mobile devices and present them for or against a case in a court of law.

What we do

Retrieving data from cell phones and mobile devices is complex and challenging given the way data is stored inside these devices. In comparison, computer forensics is relatively simpler. However, ICFECI’s Dan James with certifications and expertise in digital data forensics has a state of art digital data forensics laboratory equipped with devices that can handle data extraction from mobile devices, even if such data is hidden or is encrypted. This level of sophistication is hard to find. Equipments in our computer forensics lab are but one part of the scenario. It takes expert cell phone forensic investigators to unravel data, search for it, extract relevant information without disturbing existing structure, analyze it and present such information in a report that is easily understood by juries and the judge. Our cell phone forensic experts can find where data has been corrupted, overwritten, destroyed or tampered with and provide incontrovertible evidence. They can pinpoint locations of calls, for instance, when the cell phone simply has a note of time and data when such calls were made or received. This data, presented in clear and concise form, can make a decided difference to the outcome of a case. Besides being experts in technology, our forensics experts also possess intricate knowledge of the law and legal issues relevant to electronic evidence.

Cell Phone Forensic Services Cover:

  • Analysis of call records
  • SMS text, MMS messages analysis
  • Contact details, address books, emails, email addresses, social media and instant messaging as well as whatsapp message analysis
  • Photos, videos, graphics

Though highly challenging due to the various operating systems in use and the hardware/software implementations as well as encryptions, ICFECI, with its blend of mind power and technical equipments, has a track record of success in overcoming obstacles.

Should you be the accused in a case where electronic evidence plays a central role, get in touch with us and we will give you immediate consultations on how best to proceed and help you make informed decisions based on facts.