Certified Cell Phone Examiner

If a crime, civil or criminal, is committed, there is likelihood of a cell phone being involved at some point. Cell phones or smart phones may play a peripheral role in crimes or, as is most often the case, prove to be crucial to the litigation. ICFECI, with its expertise in cell phone forensics, has the resources, expertise and equipment to extract data and interpret it for the purposes of being used as evidence.

What we do

With a certified cell phone examiner leading a team of investigators and computer forensic experts we extract data pertaining to:

  • Call history and call records
  • Contact books and list recovery
  • Extract data even if it is encrypted or contained inside an app
  • Extract contents of chat, email and SMS/MMS/instant messaging
  • Social media activities data extracted
  • Access cell phones and data within even when they are password protected and encrypted
    Any of this data could be of vital importance and could be a determining piece of evidence that influences outcome of trial proceedings. It is our unique capabilities that can make all the difference.

What makes us Unique?

  • ICFECI is dedicated to offering civil and criminal litigation investigative assistance services.
  • Our mobile forensics lab and certified cell phone examiner can extract data, analyze it and interpret it in an understandable report.
  • Even if a cell phone is damaged beyond repair our mobile forensic experts may extract data, a feat that is usually beyond others.
  • Our lab is fully equipped to handle most any kind of cell phone or smart phone running any hardware/software configuration manufactured in the past and current models as well.

Should you be facing prosecution or if you are a victim and suspect a mobile phone could contain valuable evidence that will help your case, you are welcome to call us expeditiously for prompt action. It could mean the difference between winning and losing a case; it could mean the difference between freedom and captivity.

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