Certified Fraud Examiner

Frauds are classified as White Collar Crimes that may be subject to civil and criminal litigation. An individual may knowingly or unknowingly misrepresent or conceal facts resulting in an unfair advantage to him or his organization but in a decided loss or harm to the victim. In clear terms, fraud is intent to deceive victims with the aim of deriving advantage and depriving them of their right.

What we do

Our Certified Fraud Examiner will carry out a thorough investigation into all aspects of the alleged fraud and compile evidence presented in a report admissible in courts of Law in Texas in order to represent defendants under Title 18, USC, Section 3006A.

We handle investigations in fraud and white collar crime pertaining to:

  • Health and insurance fraud
  • Securities, mortgage, bribery and cases of public corruption
  • Bank fraud and bankruptcy frauds
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Tax frauds

Acting as court appointed investigator or independently retained by defendants, our service covers investigation, gathering of information and evidence, providing consultation to clients and their attorneys, tracing transactions, forensics, interviewing suspects and witnesses, preparing reports admissible in courts and providing litigation support as well as testifying in case of need.

What Makes Us Unique, Trustworthy and Reliable

ICFECI is headed by Dan James with a wealth of experience as the one time Chief Investigator & Certified Fraud Examiner for the Office of the Federal Public Defender, Northern District of Texas. His expertise in this arena, coupled with intricate knowledge of electronic evidence gathering, state of art forensics lab and assistance of Certified Fraud Examiners helps us move fast and derive effective evidence. Further, ICFECI is committed to helping defendants wrongly accused of fraud involving the most complex and complicated cases.

We do face challenges but expertise of our Certified Fraud Examiner and our knowledge helps us work fast and provide substantive evidence that helps resolve cases in favor of our defendant clients.

Should you face charges of fraud, contact us and discuss the matter with our Certified Fraud Examiner who will explain your investigative options and then take on the burden of investigations that will have a positive outcome for you.

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