Bankruptcy Fraud

Bankruptcy fraud commonly occurs when the involved individual/ organization abuses the bankruptcy system by intentionally borrowing credit while being fully aware that they cannot pay their debts. Cases of bankruptcy frauds are also prevalent in situations when the debtor has been scammed/ hoaxed in to paying or taking loans in the name of the perpetrator that leaves him bankrupt. It typically involves concealment of assets, fraudulent claims of bankruptcy, obtaining credit/ loans by false representations and becoming a victim of scam investment/stock/ securities plans.

Our investigation firm essentially handles white collar crimes including bankruptcy frauds. Our Certified Fraud Examiner, private investigators & team of computer forensic experts work in conjunction to uncover frauds, conduct forensic accounting investigation and analyse both physical and electronic financial records and transactions. We are well equipped with bankruptcy laws and have experience in proficiently dealing with both criminal & civil offences related to it.

Some of the primary insolvency cases that we are experienced in investigating are:

  • Concealment of Assets to avoid forfeit
  • Fraudulent disposal of property in case of bankruptcy
  • Manoeuvring financial statements, making false entries/ Manipulating Accounts to hide assets/ properties
  • Obtaining Credits by deceiving creditors by misrepresenting debt/ financial statements
  • Filing False Bankruptcy Claims
  • Bribing Creditors to avoid filing of debt claims
  • Fraudulently collecting money from individual/ organization via loans or direct payments rendering victims bankrupt

We apply traditional investigative measures as well as forensic accounting & computer forensic analysis in order to gather evidence against debtors, estimate financial damage and verify financial statements & records. Our investigators are skilled at discovering evidence by exploring and searching through the financial history of the debtors and traversing through databases to locate crucial information in order to strengthen a case.
Since most insolvency frauds are committed on the basis of hidden assets and properties, it is our primary function to verify the actual assets of a debtor and evaluate the correct amount.

Some of the services we provide in cases of complex bankruptcy frauds for the effective representation of defendants in all courts across Texas are:

  • Solvency Analysis
  • Fraudulent Transfer analysis
  • Bankruptcy Examination by Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Verification & Valuation of Hidden Assets
  • Analysis of total Assets
  • Tracing Funds/ Cash/ Financial Records through computer forensics/ online tracking techniques as well as surveillance techniques
  • Computer Forensic Examination of hard copy & digital financial statements, accounts, transactions, false entries, misrepresentation of financial state/ property/ debts
  • Litigation Support Planning
  • Identification, retrieval and organization of forensic & physical evidence in to a report format admissible in all county, state and federal courts across Texas.

We are experienced in testifying at trials by presenting reliable evidence and explaining how the evidence was uncovered and the conclusions drawn. Our investigative methodologies are based on legal boundaries and restriction thus ensuring our clients with a reliable support for their case resolution. Our organization (ICFECI) aims to provide investigative expertise for the effective representation of defendants and other services necessary for effective representation of defendants (including offering services in accordance with Title 18, United States Code, Section 3006A. Adequate representation of defendants).

We believe in maintaining a transparent client-investigator relationship while following confidentiality of facts & information as part of our client handling policy.

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