Bribery and Corruption fall in the category of white collar crimes that have a wider public impact and, as such, have serious repercussions for the accused. ICFECI has specialized experience in this field, is adept at advising and assisting clients in preparing a rock solid defense through traditional investigative and computer forensics.

What we do

  • ICFECI specializes in white collar crimes covering embezzlement, money laundering, extortion, bribery, defrauding the government, graft, kickbacks, and public corruption.
  • Our investigative expertise extends to incidents like unaccounted or undocumented cash withdrawals, undocumented gross expenditures, false invoicing, display of sudden wealth and demanding payments for services not rendered.
  • Our Certified Fraud Examiner along with a team of investigators analyzes documents, financial records, statements, computer data, internet transactions, emails and payments in order to compile evidence that is then presented in a form admissible in court.
  • Our investigators conduct discreet surveillance and carry out investigations by interviewing people connected with the case.
  • We draw up strategic investigative plan, provide guidance to attorneys and their clients and also provide testimony in court in a way that no other agency can do.

What makes us Unique?

  • ICFECI is led by Dan James with a successful track record of fraud and securities examinations and was one time Chief Investigator & Certified Fraud Examiner for the Office of the Federal Public Defender, Northern District of Texas.
  • We are 100% committed to our clients, serve with zeal and keep all matters confidential.
  • ICFECI has a track record of success, even in the most challenging cases.

Examining a number of witnesses, some of whom may be hostile is challenging. Tunneling into computers and online activities to pinpoint transactions that are of help in a case is also a challenge but with our equipment and know-how it is not insurmountable.

Should you ever find yourself on the wrong side of the law and face prosecution, get in touch with. This is where your defense starts and ends.

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