Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is fraud related to mortgages or equities. In a mortgage fraud, usually a borrower materially misrepresents or omits information on a mortgage loan application. The fraud can include application fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, mail fraud, money laundering, appraisal fraud, escrow fraud, straw buyers and fraudulent documentation.

What we do:

  • ICFECI handles mortgage fraud investigation pertaining to falsification of information while making a loan application, false real estate appraisals and property price appraisals, straw buyers, misrepresentation of down payments and information by realtors and loan officers as well as fraudulent documentation and forgeries.
  • Once we take on an assignment we examine financial statement, verify authenticity of applications, conduct background checks on all involved in the case, detect forgeries and falsifications, compile evidence, examine digital data in computers and mobile devices and then compile a report that is easily understood and admissible in court of law and one that helps our clients and attorneys.

What makes us Unique?

ICFECI has the benefit of Dan James’ unparalleled experience in the field of computer forensics and fraud investigations that no other agency can match. We have the people, resources, reach, equipment and above all, a commitment to help our clients. Further, we are assisted by experienced and competent mortgage fraud examiners and forensics experts to assist in this extremely challenging task.

Mortgage frauds are challenging since the task involves examination of documents, witnesses and digital data but our Certified Fraud Examiner with the help of investigators and computer forensic experts succeed.

Should you find yourself, wittingly or unwittingly, involved in a mortgage fraud case, call us. We shall stand by you from start to finish and work to help mitigate damages and emerge victorious.

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