Securities fraud is a type of serious white-collar crime, it is also known as stock fraud, and investment fraud. The accused are usually stockbrokers, brokerage firms, corporations or individuals. The allegations involve misrepresentations, providing false information, withholding key information, offering or acting on inside information, and pump and dump schemes. Securities fraud can also include misstatements on a public company’s financial reports. Usually the allegation is that the investor was enticed to invest based on untrue statements

What we do

We work on behalf of defendants to compile irrefutable evidence. Our certified fraud examiners, along with associates who are expert in computer forensics, conducts a thorough investigation covering

  • Paper trail
  • Electronic trail
  • Examination and analysis of financial statements
  • Calculate damages
  • Determine authenticity of investment offers
  • Conduct background checks
  • Compile evidence and present information in reports admissible in courts of law
  • Testify if necessary

The Cutting Edge That Makes Us Unique

ICFECI, headed by Dan James, a former Chief Investigator & Certified Fraud Examiner for the Office of the Federal Public Defender, Northern District of Texas, and his defense team working in tandem with experts in computer forensics supported by a well equipped forensics laboratory. ICFECI has the knowledge, resources, expertise and capabilities to pursue investigations physically as well as follow an online trail and compile telling evidence that works in the favor of defendants we represent. We are known to be reliable, honest and committed to the cause of providing effective representation of defendants under title 18, USC, Section 3006A.

Challenges are unique in securities fraud investigations since people are involved, a ton of documents and computers must be examined, and we must pursue an online trail that may lead across borders. However, our expertise in physical investigations as well as computer forensics helps us overcome the mightiest obstacles.

Should you find yourself in an untenable situation, accused of securities fraud, get in touch with us. With our expertise and commitment, we overcome obstacles and prepare an incontrovertible defense on your behalf, working closely with your attorney for your best outcome.

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