Civil and Criminal litigation Services

Civil fraud and criminal laws in the US are labyrinthine and complex. It requires knowledge and practical experience to interpret these and find out instances that would be helpful for a defendant, who, more likely than not, is convicted simply because of staggering complexity of laws and his lack of understanding. ICFECI has the manpower with in-depth knowledge of laws, teams with experience in civil fraud and criminal litigation, forensic crime investigation, the equipments for digital data recovery and examinations as well as submission in a manner that makes them admissible evidence backed by our personal appearance on the witness stand to convince judge and jury.

We provide criminal justice services in these areas:

  • Offenses Against the Person
  • Economic Offenses
  • Offenses involving Sexual Exploitation of Minors and Child Pornography
  • Offenses involving Drugs
  • Conspiracies
  • Offenses involving Public Officials
  • Offenses involving Criminal Enterprises and Racketeering
  • Offenses involving Taxation
  • Offenses involving Cyber Crimes

In litigations our service areas cover

  • Ponzi schemes
  • White collar crimes, bank frauds, corruption, tax fraud, bribery , insurance fraud and similar
  • Litigation support, compilation of evidence, examination of witnesses, putting together reports

Whether it is civil fraud or criminal litigation services, we have the manpower, knowledge-base, skills and capabilities to examine evidence, interrogate witnesses, analyze digital data and prepare compelling evidence in support of defendants whose cause we take up with passion and unerring commitment.

In many cases we have found defendants to have been wrongly accused. Our intervention saves the life and day for the defendant, seeking truth, justice and freedom. Our work also helps clear up reputations as well as regaining positions in society. When we commit, we do it wholeheartedly bringing all our resources to bear in putting together evidence that will stand in court backed by expert testimonies.

If you should ever find yourself facing prosecution and the case seems hopeless, we are here for you and we will bring light to darkness. Your freedom is your inalienable right and we will fight every inch of the way on your behalf.

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