Computer & Cell Phone Forensics

Saving Lives with Computer Forensics

We understand that finding the right representation can be difficult. ICFECI has, without question, earned a reputation by delivering what it promises. In conformity with Title 18, USC, Sec 3006A, ICFECI goes above and beyond the requirements for defending the rights of the accused. We are the solution you are looking for.

The results of forensic science is likely the number one factor in solving cold cases. Image for over 30 years, having an unsolved criminal case hanging over your head. One of the largest serial crimes was solved by the use of computer forensic services.

It took law officials thousands of man hours only to come up empty handed in efforts to solve the BTK killer case, however, computer forensics solved the case in just hours. Dennis Rader was finally named in the murder of ten people. ICFECI could be the key that provides the answers that are desperately needed.

Real Services for Real People

We help real people make conscious and sensible decisions by delivering documentation. ICFECI offers its services to those in need of expert systematic and investigative services in preparation for their defense. We specialize in cases that pertain to willful acts of civil fraud and criminal allegations. We are a wealth of support to the Criminal Justice Act Panel.

ICFECI’s mastery is not exclusive to acts of violence and outrage, child pornography and corruption, criminal sex violations and drug related cases. We are highly experienced in solving alleged fraudulent cases relating to bankruptcy, securities, mortgage, tax evasion, misrepresentation of health care and schemes deployed by email.

Cell Phone Forensics… They Say It, We Play It

The initial concept of the ICFECI was to establish compelling internal representation and an emphatic line of continuous researchers by employing the assistance of fresh intelligence. ICFECI adopts interns from top colleges and universities who assist with analyzing and conducting computer/cell phone forensics in our forensic lab.

The Woes of a Forensic Investigator

Although examiners handle a few hundred cases in the lab each year, one large issue of a forensic investigator is that training is at our own expense. It’s not something you study and then leave. It’s an ongoing process. Additionally, new electronic devices are produced continuously, therefore continuing education is a necessity.

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