Computer Forensics Laws in Texas

In the fairly recent past, a criminal defense investigator in Dallas would need to uncover physical evidence in order to help clear the name of their client. However, thanks to the advent of the digital age this has changed. A range of new crimes have emerged which are committed in an entirely digital space. This requires defense teams to utilise computer-based methods. It is vital that they understand the rules and regulations regarding these practices.

Texas rules

Some areas of the United States are not very clear when it comes to the rules for this form of law examination. Extra research into local vendor compliance may be necessary. Texas, Michigan and Georgia are much more explicit. When it comes to the state of Texas a digital forensics practitioner needs to be fully licensed. This means that a criminal defense investigator in Dallas TX is only legally able to perform their duties if they have express consent from regulators. Those who manage to attain it are commonly referred to as PIs.


A computer forensics criminal defense investigator in Fort Worth or any other area within Texas would need to apply for a Private Investigation Business License. This is also a requirement for owners of businesses that provide these types of services. Employees will be able to become fully licensed detectives in the process. However, start-ups may have difficulty due to these rules.


The main stumbling block for new computer forensics firms is the amount of experience that the manager needs. This includes at least 3 years of experience as an investigator or a degree in criminal justice. The FBI may perform a background check on them. The fingerprinting of managers in Texas is also mandatory.


There is a good reason for all of these rules. The PI will tend to gather and present digital evidence that is then used in court cases. Therefore regulations need to be in place in order to enforce a decent standard of conduct, accountability and training. Defendants rely on these firms to help them get a fair trial. The best company for this service is ICFECI. Contact them for all of your forensic examination needs.