Criminal Justice Act Services

An accused is entitled to adequate representation by investigative services and by counsel under the Criminal Justice Act (CJA). ICFECI is at the forefront in providing expert investigative services indispensable for adequate representation of defendants under Title 18, United States Code, Section 3006A, and Adequate Representation of Defendants.

What we do

  • ICFECI’s Dan James who once served as Certified Fraud Examiner and Forensic Examiner for the Office of the Federal Public Defender, Northern District of Texas, actively provides a range of investigative services comprising of litigation support, discovery, acquisition and processing of evidence into a report that is easily understood and admissible as evidence in courts of law.
  • Dan James working for over four decades to uphold rights of defendants, and now ICFECI and its team of experts also appear in court to provide testimony in support of evidence.
  • ICFECI, a full resource investigative service with outstanding CJA Investigators, fraud specialists and computer forensics experts, provides investigate services in white collar crimes and other criminal charges.
  • The core services cover strategic litigation support planning, trial preparation, discovery, interviews, searches, inquiries, surveillance, procurement of evidence and witnesses. In addition, we specialize in computer forensic investigation, retrieving data from computers and mobile devices and present them in a report that is acceptable by courts. Our diverse other activities include crime scene recreation, subpoena witnesses, select jury, verify statements by witnesses and scrutinize key evidence presented by prosecution as well as verify its validity. One of our key services is to assist in obtaining reduction of penalty and sentences. Our resources, capabilities and expertise are hard to match.

What makes us Unique?

  • ICFECI handles both civil fraud and criminal litigations with confidence born of experience based on expertise of its various qualified and specialists working in a collaborative way, supported by our computer forensics section and its well equipped lab. Digital and electronic evidence is inextricably linked to all litigation, whether they are civil or criminal and our specialization in this area gives us a clear lead.
  • We wholeheartedly believe in providing full investigative support for defendants in cases ranging from misdemeanors to felonies such as drugs, homicide, abuse and child pornography, fully complying with the guidelines of Criminal Justice Act and Defender Services in the most ethical fashion.
  • ICFECI is one of the few organizations that can build up masterly defense after meticulous acquisition, analysis and compilation of data from diverse sources. While providing advice to defendants, we also work closely with their attorneys in order to help them conduct a strong defense proceeding in court.

Whether it is a white collar crime or other criminal case, we face challenges in accessing paper documents, accessing witnesses, finding people whose testimony will prove useful and extracting data from computers and mobile devices. If we succeed, it is mainly due to our competent teams of CJA investigators and expert examiners working with a single minded purpose.

If you ever need investigative assistance for alleged white collar or criminal proceedings in which you may be the accused, remember, ICFECI is here to help you. For us our client is important; our world revolves around him.

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