Forensic Toolkit

Forensic Toolkit (or FTK) is just one of the many programs ICFECI uses for reliable computer forensics. First released more than 20 years ago, FTK is hailed as the gold standard for digital forensics and currently serves investigators around the world. With a range of impressive imaging features and decryption abilities, FTK can locate, manage and filter data at lightning-fast speed.

The software can create full-disk forensic images from most devices, including mobile devices and hard drives, stored in a secure, centralized system. FTK can process and index data immediately, reducing the need to filter information or waste time on executing multiple searches. FTK can decrypt files, recover deleted emails and crack passwords from more than 100 applications. Mobile data is easily located with the dedicated mobile tab, allowing users to instantly isolate messages from WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

Forensic Toolkit is optimized for Apple products in a way that is unmatched by similar programs. The software offers full support for Safari, iMessage, Mac artifacts and more, enabling comprehensive Mac investigations by parsing and rendering Apple files in near-native format.

A unique and invaluable feature of FTK is the visualization technology. This gives users a clear picture of events, organizing timelines, geolocations and graphs in a visible layout. The program also employs Explicit Image Detection (EID), ensuring that professionals are shielded from sensitive and explicit material using hash values. This allows investigators to locate, categorize and share images without having to view the content itself.

Forensic Toolkit users benefit from sophisticated malware support. FTK can detect a threat long before it wreaks havoc, identifying ransomware attacks, data breaches and suspicious activity in the form of IOCs, YARA rules, and shared MISP indicators.

Accuracy and speed are two factors taken very seriously with the program’s advanced processing. Precision document conversion capabilities and multilingual OCRs save investigators a considerable amount of time, as does the impressive video recognition which can automatically flag key elements like weapons, drugs etc.

If you’d like to find out more about this software or other ICFECI tools, get in touch and ask away.

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