How computer forensics can help you

These days we use computers and cell phones for everything. With one device we can send messages, play games, take photos, browse the internet, bank, listen to music, transfer files and so much more. Every time we pick up our cells or laptops we’re creating, sharing and downloading more and more data. Given that most of us have a Smartphone or PC at home, this means that a lot of information can be stored on these devices and prove useful to providing evidence in court.

Computer forensics can unlock all of this data, even if it’s been deleted, damaged or hidden. With the right equipment and expertise, you can retrieve all kinds of information from a PC or laptop to support your case. Let’s take a look at just some of the ways computer forensics can help you.


Email correspondence can be found on a device even if it has been deleted. Finding these messages may reveal knowledge that someone is denying, or prove that you had a relationship with someone.

Photos and videos

Photographic evidence is pretty conclusive in court. Raw footage demonstrating someone else committing a crime you’re accused of, for example, is irrefutable. If photos can support your alibi for the time in question, that will also be a huge help to your case.

Internet history

We’re all guilty of searching some risqué things we don’t want others to know about. But when it comes to illegal internet activity, this is a serious issue that computer forensics can easily uncover. If you suspect someone’s involvement in a crime for instance, their history may incriminate them and provide solid evidence.


Downloading things from the internet is a pretty normal thing for a lot of computer users. However if a person is downloading things from an unlawful website, that data can be used to bring those webmasters to justice.


Any files stored on your computer can reveal a lot of information, e.g. when documents were created, who accessed them, what edits were made etc.

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