How computer forensics is used to tackle blackmail and harassment

In an age of seemingly limitless connectivity, people all over the world now have the ability to contact one another with relative ease, 24-hours-a-day. While smart phones, tablets and computers are great at facilitating everything from business deals to online dating, they also make the potential for harassment much easier – and therefore more widespread – than ever before.

Online harassment, abuse and blackmail are on the rise, with individuals, small businesses and even large multinational corporations being open to these forms of attack. In some cases, the perpetrators might even try to use VPNs or anonymous browsers like Tor to conceal their identity – but thankfully there are methods to identify perpetrators in ways which are admissible in a court of law.

Following Digital Footprints

If you’re currently the subject of online harassment – be it on an individual or commercial basis – why not allow the best computer forensics analyst in Texas to help you track down those who seek to damage your reputation?

As a specialist computer forensics analyst in Dallas, we’re able to track down cell phone numbers, social media accounts, IP addresses and even specific devices used in online harassment, blackmail, extortion and hate crime. With unique tools and skills, we’re able to confirm the identity of online harassers with a large degree of success.

Defending Against Online Harassment

The relative anonymity of the online world is something of a myth. Even if an individual goes to great lengths to conceal their identity (such as using false email addresses or “sock puppet” social media accounts), a computer forensics analyst in Dallas should be able to track the IP addresses and domains used to harass you.

Harassment can have a huge impact on your quality of life – and if your harassers are also willing to target your business, it could affect your income. If you’ve got an idea of who is causing distress and bad-mouthing your company online, our experts are able to cross-reference IP addresses to make sure.

From here, you’ll then be in a position to present your evidence to a court of law – be it for a civil claim due to loss of earnings, or a criminal suit due to the impact of harassment upon your life.

For more information, why not contact ICFECI today? As the finest computer forensic analyst in Texas, we’re on your side to help you get the justice you deserve.