ICFECI: The Best Digital Forensic Service Provider

A mix of competence, skill, knowledge, integrity, and reliability is what you will get once you put your trust in what ICFECI does. In a world where digital evidence gets increasingly sought after, they will help you get the help you need in a manner most professional. With a list of credentials and positive reviews Dan James, the founder is the man who mobilizes a team that works night and day just to collect data that helps prove your case. He is a certified cell phone examiner and fraud examiner. Most importantly, he deals with computer and cell phone forensics, criminal investigations, federal rules of criminal procedure as well as criminal justice services. Thus, if you have a case related to any of these, Dan’s company is a necessary additive to your legal team.

Computer and cell phone forensics: the company does everything as per Title 18, USC, Sec 3006A. Mind you; forensic science has proven quite steadfast in helping solve cold cases within short periods of time. Other than the mainstream child pornography and corruption, drug-related cases and sex violations; ICFECI goes further to provide unique solutions as pertains to alleged fraud cases linked to securities, tax evasion, mortgage, misrepresentation, healthcare and email scams.

Criminal investigations: other than being the only organization of its kind in northern Texas, the company boasts a well-equipped computer lab. It, therefore, has the capability of transforming complex data extracted from computers and mobile devices into simpler, easily interpretable formats presentable in courts of law.

Federal rules of criminal procedure: other than collecting, analyzing and summarizing data for use by the courts of law, the company goes ahead to provide experts as witnesses if need be. They are committed to ensuring that clients get fully represented in line with what the law provides. They can go as far as providing conducting interrogations and discreet surveillance. All in a bid to help acquit you from any accusations leveled against you.


Here is a summarized list of what ICFECI offers to its wide range of clients.
Computer and cell phone forensic examinations.
Consultancy on sex crimes, child pornography, assault, murder, and crime of violence.
Certified fraud examinations in the healthcare, insurance and tax centers.
While collar frauds, Ponzi schemes, civil frauds, bank frauds, and criminal litigation cases.
Criminal Justice Act services where applicable.

However, what matters most is the manner in which your case gets handled. In collaboration with your defense team, the experts involved have only one goal in mind. Theirs is to come up with compelling, yet reasonable evidence. The technique has been proven to work as cases, which almost seemed unsolvable got brought to conclusive ends in favor of clients. You too can solve a case with their help, just like others did. Furthermore, if you do not trust the reviews, you can always put your confidence in the resources and highly self-trained individuals who have known nothing but mining data most of their lives.