Oxygen Forensic Detective

ICFECI uses a number of programs to solve cases, one of them being Oxygen Forensic Detective. This software is an advanced system that can extract data from multiple sources

  • be it cell phones, hard drives or memory cards, Oxygen can retrieve, decode and analyze information at an impressive

Oxygen offers a number of features that are invaluable for forensic investigators. From discovering data and backing up important evidence to presenting timelines and visualizing key graphs, Oxygen Forensic Detective provides a comprehensive and sophisticated service to solve even the toughest of cases. Features include:

  • Bypassing screen locks
  • Finding passwords
  • Recovering deleted data
  • Facial recognition and image categorization
  • Social links analysis and timeline view
  • User data from apps like Facebook, PayPal, Maps etc
  • Back ups and importing from other forensic tools
  • CDR analysis
  • Locations visualization

One of the fundamental benefits of using Oxygen is the sheer volume of data the program can extract. Gathering evidence has never been easier when the software allows you to retrieve information such as:

  • SMS, MMS, iMessages etc
  • Emails and attachments
  • Photos and videos
  • Audio files
  • Device logs
  • Contacts
  • Call logs
  • Passwords
  • Wi-Fi connections

Once the evidence is uncovered, Oxygen uses intelligent mapping and visualization techniques to show social connections, locations, timelines and more. This gives investigators and clients a clear picture of the case, and allows key information to be presented effectively to authorities, attorneys and juries.

Oxygen Forensic Detective is available on USB dongle for single use, enabling you to connect to one server for 5, 10, 20 or 50 concurrent licenses. This offers an easy, cost effective solution for large organizations which can be scaled according to suite requirements.

To find out more, head to the official website here or get in touch with ICFECI for further