Rate Sheet

Regular Investigative Services $200.00 Per Hour
Computer and Cell Phone Forensics
One (1) One Terabyte or less – Computer Hard Drive: $3,500.00
Analysis of One (1) Cell Phone Device (Logical Dump): $3,500.00
(Repair,Chip-off and JTAG for data extraction-if required)
Servers (Based on Configurations)
Ethereum Mining Rig (Based on Configurations)
Technology Assisted Review $350.00 Per Hour
Cryptographic Algorithms Encryption/Decryption $350.00 Per Hour
Hashing Algorithms and Password Cracking $350.00 Per Hour
Alternative Breach Detection $350.00 Per Hour
Algorithmic Detection of Misinformation – Disinformation $350.00 Per Hour
Hard Drives/Thumb Drives (Necessary for Copies) Actual Cost
Vehicle Travel – Mileage Charge Rate Per IRS
State of Texas Sales Tax (Appointed Cases are Exempt) .0825
Out of Pocket Expenses Actual Cost
Special Projects and Consulting ($350 + per hour) Based on Assignment
Court Testimony (Four (4) Hour minimum) $350.00 Per Hour
Retainer Required (Except on Court Appointed Cases) $5,000.00
Overseas Assignments Accepted
Data Mining of Discovery $350.00 Per Hour