Certified Digital Forensic Services

ICFECI is the finest pro-defendant private investigative services you will find in Texas. Committed to supporting our clients from start to finish, we offer an array of services handled by experts with years of industry experience in the labyrinthine maze of criminal laws.

Our services cover:
  • Civil fraud and criminal litigation, white collar frauds, bank frauds, Ponzi schemes and similar
  • Computer and cell phone forensics examinations
  • Certified Fraud Examinations in case of securities, healthcare and other fraud cases
  • Criminal Justice Act Services (other than counsel) including investigative, expert or other services necessary for adequate representation
  • Sex crimes, assault, murder, child pornography, violence, assault

On being engaged our experts work closely with defense attorneys to put together compelling, rock solid and substantive evidence in full support of the case of defendants which may lead to their acquittal even in the most intricate and seemingly hopeless cases.

We have the resources, experience in the use of various investigative techniques, unearthing clues, finding out the truth and teams with specialty knowledge of diverse aspects of laws. We also possess one of the finest computer forensics laboratories in the State. We combine our resources with our commitment and passion to work for your freedom.

Freedom is priceless. If you value yours, call us first before you talk to the authorities and let us help your attorney help you gain your freedom.

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