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The meaning of messages

As computer and cell phone forensic experts, ICFECI uncover a lot of private messages. Whether it’s emails, texts, social media messages or private IMs, this kind of data can become incredibly important evidence. Some messages may not seem obviously incriminating, but there could be a lot of revealing information for authorities or clues as to the authorship of the documents. While forensic investigators are concerned with retrieving, storing and presenting this evidence, we understand that it is the meaning behind the messages that makes all the difference.

Forensic linguistics

Forensic linguistics is the process by which experts analyse texts to establish authorship. Linguists look at syntax, grammar, word choice, conjugations, spellings and more to find patterns in a person’s writing style. If repeated patterns emerge, experts may be able to identify who originally authored the message. Certain spellings and word choices can help investigators build an offender profile – previous cases have allowed authorities to correctly identify age, education level, location and more.

The applications for this field are seemingly endless. Not only can forensic linguistics reveal who has written the message, but it can also establish if there is any perpetrator at all. Suicide notes, for example, can be examined to check if someone is covering up a murder, or suspicious texts sent from a loved one might be uncovered as the work of a kidnapper.

Handwriting analysis

While forensic experts deal mostly in digital communication, we may also come across written evidence on the devices we analyse. This is often the case with legal documents, certifications and contracts.

Handwriting analysis claims to study documents like these and identify the author through their written word. This is particularly useful when it comes to disputes about signatures for instance, or in cases of forgery. This kind of analysis can be performed either by a human investigator or machine systems that identify patterns and idiosyncratic lettering, comparing ‘known’ documents with the materials in question.

If you believe a message could make or break your case, hiring a forensic investigator in Texas is the right course of action. We can uncover deleted and hidden messages, and we are experts in retrieving evidence from even the most damaged device.