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What can cyber forensic services do for you?

Being accused of a crime is scary. It is a life-changing moment when simply knowing that you have been accused can cause friends to turn their backs on you, family members to harbor suspicions and colleagues and employers can take steps to distance themselves from you, just in case, the accusation happens to be true.

Of course, sometimes the accusation is true, but there are few people who take the side of the perceived criminal, and accidents and happenstance is seldom accepted on the word of the so-called perpetrator.

This is where digital forensic services can help both sides: offering evidence of the truth of one’s statement. For example, if there is no way to leave a room without leaving fingerprints, and your fingerprints cannot be found anywhere in the room, it must be accepted that you were never in that room.

Today, fingerprints are the old-school example of forensic investigation. Today, there are often more subtle ways to prove alibis and statements. Let us have a look at some of these:

GPS locations

Many devices contain GPS features so that you can access maps and plot courses to new places. These devices tend to keep records of your locations so that a certified fraud examiner can verify your whereabouts at the time being analyzed. They can help to prove that you were elsewhere when a crime was committed and can even attest to your state of mind. For example, sharing a cute cat video during the occurrence of a robbery is a fair indicator that you were elsewhere!

Otherwise, if someone is accusing you of committing a crime against them, an examination of their phones or devices can be useful. For example, if they say that they were not at a certain place, their devices can prove that this is not true and that they have perhaps muddled one day up with another.

Cyber forensic services and computer activity

Many murderers are caught because of their search history into how to commit the heinous act, but sometimes this can work the other way. Lack of searches about criminal activity, proof of attempts to go straight, even social media posts, all can help to prove a defendant’s claims as to their state of mind, activities and more, giving their lawyer something to face down the prosecution with.

Undoing fit-ups

Should someone try to frame you for a crime, a good computer forensics expert can help with this. There is no action taken on a computer that an experienced digital investigator cannot track, and this includes the careful planting of data – and being able to prove that someone else has the means, motive and the method is an excellent way to instill reasonable doubt in any judge or jury.

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