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Forensic Investigation Programs

When it comes to forensic investigation, technology is key. The amount of data that can be retrieved from computers, cell phones and other devices is almost limitless, with everything from messages and photos to downloads and files recovered quickly and easily. The software that allows investigators to do this should therefore be chosen very carefully – experts need fast results they can rely on, so trawling through various programs is not ideal. Instead, investigators use these key platforms to make sure they get all the evidence they need in as short a time as possible.


Autopsy is a sophisticated program used by professionals around the globe. National security, large corporations and law enforcement agencies all use Autopsy to help gather evidence and build their cases with ease and speed. The program is intuitive and user-friendly, meaning that you can learn how to use it in next to no time even if you’re a complete beginner. If you’re a first-timer looking for something simple or you need to verify your findings from elsewhere, Autopsy is the perfect solution.

Oxygen Forensic Detective

Oxygen Forensic Detective is an advanced system that can extract data from multiple sources. Oxygen offers a number of valuable tools, including password extraction, deleted data recovery and screen lock bypassing. This powerful software can also present your data using compelling visualization features, allowing you to show key locations, social connections, timelines and more.

Magnet AXIOM

If you have an enormous amount of information to get through or you need as many sources as you can get, Magnet AXIOM is the answer. This platform from Magnet Forensics boasts that it can search through more sources than any other forensic tool, and does so at impressive speed. Few systems are impossible to penetrate with Magnet Axiom, as it can access data from Windows, Mac, Chrome and Linux, as well as Oxygen, Cellebrite and GrayKey.

Forensic Toolkit

Forensic Toolkit (FTK) is hailed as the gold standard for digital forensics. With a range of impressive imaging features and decryption abilities, FTK can locate, manage and filter data at lightning-fast speed. FTK can decrypt files, recover deleted emails and crack passwords from more than 100 applications and offers full support for Apple products that most other tools cannot. Users also benefit from sophisticated malware support, advanced visualization technology and Explicit Image Detection (EID).

Why become an investigator?

Choosing a career is no easy feat. If you have different hobbies and interests, narrowing these down and picking one job is daunting. There are so many career paths available to us and so many routes we can take to get there, but ultimately the decision is your own. If you’re interested in becoming an investigator or you’re wondering whether computer forensics is your forte, there are a few things to keep in mind first.

Technical expertise

When you’re working with computers, cell phones and other devices, technical expertise is a must. It doesn’t matter how much you like the idea of a job, if you cannot handle the practicalities and advanced technology involved, you’re not likely to be successful. But if you know your way around a PC or you have the capacity to learn, becoming a forensic investigator will suit you perfectly. If you have the skills, training in computer forensics will be a challenge you can face head on.

Helping others

There are many vocations you can follow if helping others is your priority. From nursing and care work to teaching and charity, there is no shortage of job opportunities where you can make a difference. Fortunately, forensic investigation falls in this category too: your work can be the difference between someone going to jail or keeping their freedom, proving their innocence or living in the shadow of doubt. Your work can change the future of families living without their loved ones, and you can ensure the right person is brought to justice and prevent them from committing more crimes. There is no greater way of helping society than by keeping dangerous criminals off the streets, so if helping others is important to you than forensic investigation is a great career path.

Exciting challenges

Forensic investigation is like a puzzle. You have some clues here and there, but it’s your job to gather the information and put the pieces together. If you enjoy crosswords, sudoku, escape rooms, jigsaws or any game that puts your mind to the test, forensic investigation is the career for you. Those who thrive under pressure, readily accept challenges and get satisfaction from a job well done will no doubt enjoy great success as an investigator.