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What is a fraud examiner?

Fraud is a criminal offence, which involves doing an act by saying that you are someone you are not. For example, if you were to make a bank transaction as somebody else, that would be fraudulent. Fraud can also refer to forging people’s signatures or even the fraudster stating that they are somebody else on the phone, and making transactions on their part.

This crime can cause people to lose money or opportunities, at the gain of the fraudster. Any type of fraud is illegal and very frustrating for the victim, but it is particularly hard-hitting if they end up losing a lot of money due to the fraudulent transactions. If somebody feels like they have been a victim of fraud, they may hire a fraud examiner.

What is a fraud examiner?

A fraud examiner is a highly trained professional who helps people who have been a victim of fraud. They will help them assess how and why they were a victim of fraud, and what can be done about it. Our certified fraud examiners in Texas, mainly based in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, work with clients in the area to investigate their claims to being victims of fraud.

The fraud examiner will use their expertise and skills, as well as online resources, to reach a conclusion as to what happened to their client. They may then offer this evidence in court if the guilty party is caught and convicted.

The fraud examiner’s advice can also help the victim steer clear of fraudulent activity in the future.

Do I need a fraud examiner?

If you have been a victim of fraud, whether that be if you have lost a lot of money, or have missed opportunities due to fraud, and are based in the DFW area, our fraud examiners can help. We may be able to track the fraud and find the guilty party, which may help to provide you with some compensation. If you have lost a lot of money due to being a victim of fraud, our service is a worthwhile investment into getting it back!