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Investigation and detection of a Fraud

To investigate fraud, it is important to know why anyone commits a con in the first place. It is not new that your known employee turned into a scammer and end up in an investigation. Daily we see news of individuals involved in schemes and scams, hence the allegations of frauds.

It can be psychological or physiological that one wishes to scam another beside the real need of finances. One out of every 5 people gets involved in fraudulent activity. It is almost impossible to predict why and how a fraudster performs or commits a scam. Neither is it possible to know the person who will scam you nor to know when you will be involved in such activity.

Research shows that people under peer pressure or troubled family often ends up in major scams. Some confidently perform a bad activity to loot others and some follow their leaders to scam. There are people who get motivated to perform harm to others by the means of laundering money of the organisation for self-profit.

Donald R. Cressey, a Criminology expert coined a term ‘Fraud Triangle’ for people who scam in the workplace based on 3 major factors: perceived unshareable financial need, perceived opportunity, and rationalization. All of those factors arFe interrelated and lead to fraudulent behaviour.

According to Mr. Cressey, the fraud triangle originated from his hypothesis:

“Trusted persons become trust violators when they conceive of themselves as having a financial problem which is non-shareable, are aware this problem can be secretly resolved by violation of the position of financial trust, and are able to apply to their own conduct in that situation verbalizations which enable them to adjust their conceptions of themselves as trusted persons with their conception of themselves as user of the entrusted funds or property.”

How to Investigate Corruption?

It is important for the investigators to personally connect with the case and form a theory. All data, documents and records are to be equally checked and from them, a hypothesis can be drawn.  The available hypothesis is to be tested against the facts.

How do ICFECI handle any Investigation?

The investigators analyse every possible data, documents, records, and evidence.  Our investigators provide consultation to the clients as well as interview suspects and witnesses. We deal in all type of Fraud Investigations Dallas whether it is health and insurance, securities, bank, tax, public corruption, mortgage, and even Ponzi schemes.

Dan James is an experienced Certified Fraud Examiner and chief investigator in Dallas Texas that handles all white-collar crime. His expertise in developing evidence and gathering information helps many with critical cases.  

Regardless of the difficulty, our Certified Fraud Examiner Dallas has provided essential evidence to help resolve cases in favour of our accused clients.

If you are worried about facing charges of fraud and want help from a professional to investigate those allegations, contact us now at ICFECI 214-384-3246.