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Magnet AXIOM

Magnet Forensics offers a solid workhorse with their program Magnet AXIOM. Whether you’re looking for powerful analytics, impressive reporting tools or something that will probe more sources than any other, this software has an enormous amount of features that will become invaluable to your forensic investigations.

The advancements in technology and the increased access to devices have improved lives no end. This means there is a lot of digital evidence we can get our hands on, however it does mean a lot more work for computer forensic experts.

Using programs that are speedy, efficient and reliable is therefore a huge priority for any invest igat or, which is why Magnet AXIOM comes recommended by so many. This tool allows examiners to quickly and easily go through evidence and build a robust case for their clients, recovering and analyzing data from smartphones, computers, hard drives and so on.

Magnet AXIOM can access information from sources such as Gra yKey, Cellebrite and Oxygen, as well as systems like Window s, Mac, Chrome and Linux. The software can also examine data from the Cloud, retrieving artifacts, user archives and more.

Uncovering evidence has never been easier with text-based and media searches at your disposal, offering you automatic detection for nudity, weapons, drugs etc. The program also allows you to visualize connections between files, users and devices, ensuring you get a full picture of how and when these files have been accessed, where they came from, who they are connected to and where they are sto red.

Finding the evidence that matters, as quickly as possible, is every forensic investigator’s number one goal. With Magnet AXIOM, this process is speedy and simple in the best way possible. For more information, check out their website or send the experts at ICFECI a message.