John M. Nicholson, Federal Public Defender

I am a trial attorney at the Federal Public Defender’s Office in Dallas. Before Dan James
resigned from the office to protest the budget cuts imposed upon us, he was the office’s Chief Investigator. I worked with Dan on cases for nearly eight years. From that experience, I am able to say that Dan is a tireless, thorough, and knowledgeable investigator. Whether it was a drug trafficking case or a cyber-crime case, Dan did a top-notch investigation. Every single time.

Dan can find witnesses and persuade them to talk about the facts of the case. He can double and triple check the government’s computer evidence. If there is evidence to attack the government’s case or present an alternate theory, then Dan will find it.

Because of Dan’s help, I have former clients walking around today as free men instead of serving the decades—long prison sentences that the federal prosecutors and law enforcement agents wanted them to do.