Kimberlee M. Gray, Investigator, CFE Office of the Federal Public Defender

My name is Kimberlee Gray, I am an Investigator for the office of the Federal Public Defender, southern District Ohio. About one year ago, I was tasked with getting our office setup to conduct computer forensic exams. Dan James was instrumental with helping our office. Dan provided invaluable assistance on what equipment to buy and most importantly he provided me with hands on training. I spent a week with Dan and he instructed me on how to operate my computer forensic equipment and how to utilize my AccessData’s Forensic Toolkit software. After training with Dan, I was able to come back to my district and immediately start conducting forensic exams. To date, I have conducted over 15 computer forensic exams. Honestly, our office would not be conducting computer forensic exams without the assistance of Dan. He is truly an amazing resource.