The Importance of Images In Computer Forensics

Computer forensics can unearth an enormous amount of data. From files and internet history to downloads and emails, computers have more information than we might even realize. One of the greatest resources a case can have is photographic evidence, and computer forensics is essential to retrieving this.


One of the ways photographs may help your case is if they prove who the perpetrator is. There may be a device that has stored images of the criminals at work, for example CCTV, or passers-by may have caught them in the background of their photos.

Even if the images don’t show the crime in motion, they could still help solve the case. Authorities may have other information that will incriminate the culprit, such as identifying features like tattoos or scars, and photos may point them in the right direction. No matter how irrelevant you think they are, always turn over any photo evidence you have in the event it may disprove your involvement in the case.


If you’re being accused of a crime you didn’t commit, the first thing you can do to prove your innocence is to offer an alibi. Giving police a cast-iron reason why you couldn’t have committed the crime is the easiest way to rule you out as a suspect.

Images can provide evidence of your whereabouts at the time of the offense. For instance if you say you were attending an event or party, and photographs can place you at this function. This should be a clear indicator to authorities that you couldn’t have committed the crime – after all, nobody can be in two places at once.

Locations and dates

When a picture is taken, it is not just the visual information that is captured. Images contain a lot of data, including the location, date and time the photograph was taken. Once again this may serve as an alibi for you, e.g. if you’ve taken a selfie at the time of the crime in a completely different location. Even if you’re not featured in the photo, this data can exonerate you and prove your whereabouts at the time in question.

Computer forensics can uncover a great deal of information that could be vital to your case. For the best forensic investigator in Fort Worth Texas, contact ICFECI today.