The use of computer forensics in private investigations

Computers (and the way they connect us) are arguably one of the greatest achievements of mankind. However, there is also a somewhat dark side to connectivity – one which most everyday users would find abhorrent. Computers can be used to commit fraud, to deal illegal or contraband goods/services, to exploit vulnerable people and harass innocent members of the public.

While many of us have a rudimentary understanding of how computer forensics can be used to either exonerate or prosecute an individual in a criminal trial, few of us are aware of the role computers, mobile phones and other devices can play during a private investigation.

The answer of course is in much the same way. It would be naïve to assume that once browsing history or files have been deleted from a hard drive that they are somehow magically lost forever. The truth is that most information is recoverable, and every single key input and mouse-click leaves a trail that a good private investigator in Dallas will have the skills and tools to uncover.

Why use a private investigation service in Texas?

Businesses and individuals alike have plenty of reasons to turn to private investigation and computer forensics. Some of the most popular reasons for businesses to request the forensic services of a digital private investigator in Dallas include the following:

  • Obtaining evidence of computer misuse on company time
  • Identifying posters of potentially libellous content (such as false reviews)
  • Identifying website cloners/intellectual property theft
  • Obtaining evidence for employment disputes

Likewise, individuals might have good reason to employ computer forensics as part of a private investigation. It’s a discreet way to uncover whether a partner or family member is:

Being unfaithful

  • Accessing pornography
  • Accessing extremist content
  • Partaking in online harassment/bullying

Whatever your reasons for requiring a private investigation service in Texas, you can rely on ICFECI to deliver a professional, discreet and confidential service which will help to put your concerns at rest one way or another. For further information on the types of computer and mobile phone forensics we provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.