What is a pre-trial investigation?

In any criminal case, there is a lot of information that needs to be acquired. For both sides of the courtroom, this involves a huge amount of research, analysis and discovery. This allows the professionals to build a case and to assess the merits of bringing this to a trial. This is known as a pre-trial investigation.

This preliminary investigation is intended to examine a person of interest before official charges are filed. It may be the case that a clear-cut crime has been committed – e.g. theft or assault – or that criminal activity is only suspected at this point. In either scenario, it is necessary for police to look into this in a timely fashion before alerting a prosecutor of any charges. In some circumstances, prosecutors may restrict a pre-trial investigation, for example if the suspect is underage or if it is not possible to collect sufficient evidence.

During a pre-trial investigation, authorities acquire as much evidence as possible while they question suspects and attempt to identify criminal activity. Arrests and house searches may be made at this stage while police uncover evidence. Police and other law enforcement agencies may speak to witnesses and experts to determine who was involved, how it happened and what the motives were.

If the pre-trial investigation has been fruitful, police then inform prosecutors of any charges they intend to make. At this time the prosecutor may request that further investigations are carried out, or they can choose to press ahead with legal proceedings.

It’s important that you contact an attorney if you believe you are being investigated for a crime. Having legal counsel can ensure that your constitutional rights are observed correctly, and they can also question any evidence collected and negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf.

If you have any information or evidence that can prove your innocence, this is the time to gather it. Cell phone and computer forensics are often vital sources of data that could help to exonerate you even before an arrest is made.

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