What is Computer Forensics?

Computer forensics is a specialist process in which experts analyse data stored on electronic devices. Evidence which may be retrieved includes:

  • SMS messages
  • Emails
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Internet history
  • Operating data
  • Downloads
  • Files
  • Intellectual property

Experts can trace PCs, cell phones, hard drives and other electronics to find this data. Even if the devices have been damaged, burned or water-logged, it’s possible to retrieve information that could be critical to your case.

Programs that replicate the images of media stored on devices are often used in these cases. This allows the investigator to mirror data to use in court proceedings whilst keeping the original in tact and protected. This can also be useful for covertly extracting information without the device owner’s knowledge.


Experts take a methodical approach to ensure that factual information is extracted for civil or criminal matters, adhering to strict guidelines to maintain the integrity of the data. Failure to comply with these rigorous procedures may result in evidence being inadmissible in court.

Computer forensics investigators are not simply IT technicians. Years of skill, training and experience is required to ensure devices are analyzed adequately. The amount of data stored on a single device can hold significant value for a case, so it’s essential that a dedicated computer forensic expert in Dallas oversees the process. Without this expertise, crucial evidence can be lost or become inadmissible.


Computer forensics has applications for almost every case. Because we do so much on our cell phones and laptops these days, there is a wealth of useful information and data stored on these devices that could help any type of investigation. Computer forensics is particularly valuable for cases involving:

  • Fraud
  • Employment disputes
  • Intellectual property
  • Murder

If you’d like to learn more about computer forensics or you need an expert for your case, get in touch with ICFECI today.