Why do people commit crimes?

Everyone is capable of committing a crime. In fact, we’re all probably guilty of bending the law at one point or another. But a lot of research has been done to find out what kind of people become criminals, and what environmental factors may lead someone to break the law. We may not be able to predict where, when and how a crime is committed, but research has shown that certain issues may indicate who is responsible.

Early childhood

A person’s upbringing has a significant effect on their life. Finding out what happened to someone when they were young can explain a lot about them, especially if they have difficult family relationships. These experiences can influence how criminals view the world and their place in it.

Personal relationships

Relationship breakdowns place significant stress on every human being. A sudden lack of intimate partnership can turn your life upside down, and for some this is the catalyst for criminal behavior. These individuals may seek to replace the intimacy they have lost, or they may be looking for a way to release their anger about the situation.

Financial difficulties

Poverty and financial difficulties make life incredibly difficult for us all. If someone is in a desperate situation, they may find themselves breaking the law just to survive. Whether that involves robbery, fraud or other crimes, it’s not uncommon for people in this situation to commit a crime.

Psychological issues

Having a mental illness or learning difficulty is often one of the reasons why people commit crimes. This is not to say that anyone with mental health issues is a criminal, but that symptoms of these problems can lead to criminal behavior. Sufferers who hear voices, for example, may report that the voices told them to do something bad.

Work history

Problems at work can be difficult to cope with, especially if that person is being laid off. Significant changes to one’s professional life can encourage someone to act irrationally and break the law, or tempt them into harming colleagues.

Peer pressure

Associating with criminals makes it a lot easier to break the law. If someone is surrounded by criminals and is privy to crimes being committed, it is only usually a matter of time before they get involved themselves.

There are an infinite number of reasons why people break the law. Knowing some of these risk factors might give you an idea who committed a crime you have been accused of. Get in touch with ICFECI today to see how we can help prove your innocence and bring the correct perpetrator to justice.