Why should you know about Spyware on Android devices?

I frequently get asked to find Spyware on Android phone devices. While I’m not normally one to turn down business, these cell phone forensic searches are expensive — they start at $2,500 per phone plus an eight percent sales tax — and oftentimes, they don’t turn up much. People are usually not spying on you via your mobile phone.
Anti Spy Mobile is free to place on Android devices, and there are other antivirus and antispyware programs for Androids. You can also simply remove the battery for a time and that usually renders the spying concept moot. This is also a decent primer for determining whether your Android device has Spyware on it.
Couple Tracker – Mobile Monitor, which is admittedly designed for couples to securely exchange information, is actually a very good tracking app for Android. Couple Tracker Pro – Phone Monitor is the more comprehensive version.
Of course, if this is a legitimate concern for you and you’d like me to run cell phone forensics, I am more than happy to do it for you. There is a cost, as noted above.