Wrongful Convictions, How ICFECI Can Help

We believe in the criminal justice system. ICFECI is called upon to investigate all classifications of criminal cases. These investigations take us all around the globe, and often into the deep recesses of humanity and law enforcement.

Tragically, we are called upon to examine evidence in cases of “wrongful conviction.” These are amongst the most tragic circumstances ICFECI sees. It’s important to define what wrongful conviction means. By definition:

“A wrongful conviction is a miscarriage of justice arising from a criminal proceeding. The defendant is convicted of a crime the defendant did not commit, and the error is often not proved until after the defendant’s death or after the defendant serves a significant portion of jail sentence.”

We believe wrongful convictions are tragic. Not only is the wrong person facing consequences (incarceration, fines, and other punitive measures), but society is at risk when the actual “doer” of a crime is free.

If a person convicted, attorney, friend or family member reasonably believes the cause(s) of a conviction may include, inter alia (the legal term for amongst other things):

  • Eyewitness error
  • False confessions
  • Unreliable jailhouse snitch and/or informant testimony
  • Witness perjury
  • Faulty forensic science
  • Police misconduct
  • Prosecutorial misconduct


If any of the above apply to you, a client, family member, friend, etc.—there may be basis for a credible examination and investigation of the conviction. ICFECI is a resource for you. We work every day on criminal investigations to free the wrongfully convicted. ICFECI can be the difference between laboring under a wrongful conviction, or being incarcerated vs. being free from all of the legal issues and or/incarceration.

We work with attorneys and the wrongfully convicted to develop a supported by fact investigation attorneys need and courts demand to prove claims of actual innocence.

Unraveling and undoing wrongful convictions is a daunting task. We all recognize it’s an uphill battle. It requires a determined defense team, experts, investigators, and attorneys.We can make the investigation aspects of a case, and communication with the legal team easier and more productive.

If you are financially unable to obtain investigative assistance, send your supporting case and conviction information to ICFECI for an investigative evaluation.

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